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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Red Carpet Recap...

I am NOT a fashionista by any means, but I do have an opinion on what was worn last night & I just love watching the E!  Red Carpet more than I even like watching the Oscars...so here's a lil recap of my favs & uhh...not so favs!  
Cate Blanchett

Alot of people will disagree because Giuliana & Kelly Osbourne just loved this dress!  I was not a fan!  I like the unique bead work but do not like how it screams "look at my boobs!"  The shoulders were very unique, but kinda old fashion for me!  I did like the way the bottom of the dress flowed though!
Gwyneth Paltrow

Again..most of you will probably disagree!  I just didn't LOVE it like most!  I like the thought & the way it looks on her body, but don't like the rectangle cut out at the neck line. Her hair definitely went with the dress well & I liked the shimmer but again...didn't LOVE it!  
Jennifer Lawrence

This dress wins one of my favorite votes!  I wasn't so sure at first because it was just so plain, but I LOVE the simplicity!  This is something I would wear because there's not too much going on, yet it looks very clean, fresh & nice!  She looked BEAUTIFUL!  I also loved the fabric of the dress, I bet it was super comfortable!  
Nicole Kidman

NOT a fan! EWW!  This reminded me of like Chinese origami!  & then all the detailed stitching &/or beads (whatever it is..) surely didn't help her case!  She is a beautiful woman & could have done SO much better!  
Natalie Portman

This was also one of my favs of the night!  She looks AH.MAH.ZING for being pregnant don't you think?!  I am really into purple right now, so I think that's why I like it so much, but it doesn't scream "look at my belly!" but she's not trying to hide it either.  I bet this dress was also very comfortable for her!
 Reese Witherspoon

HATED this dress!  Yes, it's pretty on her, but the dress is horrific!  Black & white & SUPER plain!  She could have done so much better!  It seriously looks like a Homecoming dress from 1991.  Also, the hair...that po-po she added back there was just too much & again...so 1991!  This look totally reminded me of her Elle Woods character!  
Jennifer Hudson

Wow.  She just looks FAB doesn't she?!  From the AI stage to winning an Oscar, so presenting an Oscar!  This will make you want to run out & join WW, like....RIGHT NOW!  I loved the color, she called it "tangerine orange" & the fabric was very elegant & I loved the way it was drapped, but I don't think it did anything for her boobs.  :/  I think after all her weight loss, they are a bit saggy for her to be showing them off like she did last night...But overall, I liked it!
Mandy Moore

Again...most people LOVED her look, she was even trending on #twitter but the color of the dress matched her skin tone too much.  It was a good thought, but maybe for someone not so pale!  She did look pretty, but I've seen her prettier!  
Halle Berry

Love, love LOVED her look!  Her skin color is a bit darker than Mandy's so this color worked for her!  It was so simple at the top & then had alot going on at the bottom, but I liked it!  I would have never picked this dress off the rack for myself but it looked GREAT on her!  I love her hair short too!  She is just a beautiful woman!
Scarlett Johansson 

This was BY FAR my favorite dress of the night!  I have always been a HUGE fan of open backs, especially dresses that go all the way up to the neck line in the front.  (ex. Hilary Swank's navy dress from a few years ago...)
(This IS & will ALWAYS be one of my favorite dresses!  I actually wore a similar black one to my senior Winter Formal, it just wasn't long sleeve!)

Anyways, back to Scarlett Jo...I loved the color, I loved the lace, I loved the way it fit her, I loved her messy, scunchy, bobbed hair, I loved her eye shadow, I just LOVED IT ALL!  I don't even really like her that much, but I think this dress was very unique last night on the carpet & again the color was just BEYOND fab if you ask me!  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miss OBU 2011

I was so nice to get away for a night this weekend to visit my OBU friends & watch Miss OBU!  I was happy to be able to see another friend, Kristen Glover be crowned!  She will represent the University VERY well at Miss Arkansas this summer!

I love going down to stay with Allie & catch up on everything I need to know!  :P  She will always be my favorite Roomie & I can't to see where life takes her!  

Punkin's Big Boy Backpack!

I decided Ryder had outgrown his little baby/diaper bag & needed something new.  I knew I wanted a backpack but not a BIG one.  Luckily I found exactly what I wanted at Pottery Barn & ordered it, & had it here in just two days!  I took it down town to a shop to get monogrammed & am happy with the results!

I think he looks so cute & grown up with it on!  "Backpack" is one of our newest words now & he just loves it!  I think this will be great if he goes to MDO next semester!

Chick, Milk & Sweet Tea!

We grabbed lunch with Abbey on Friday at Chick of course!  Punkin' was such a lil ham!  I don't know what I'm going to do with him!  It was good to run into Chance there as well..& Punkin' made sure & gave him some "'knuckles"!  :P
Ryder likes to climb UP the slide...where I can't see him!  I get worried about him up there, & know there are probably other kids trying to come DOWN!  Abbey climbed up there a few times to get him, but he'd just stay up there!  He thought he was so cool being able to do that!  :P

One thing that wasn't so grand about our lunch...he walked up to the prettiest little blonde headed girl three or four years old & just SLAPPED her across the face!  I couldn't believe it!  I spanked his little butt & made sure he knew he WASN'T supposed to do that!  The sweet little girl didn't even care!  Ha!  She just went on her merry little way after I asked to make sure she was okay!  
{showing me his teeth}
It was so good to sit down an catch up on this crazy little thing called "life" with a friend of many year & many memories!  Thanks for joining us Abbz!
Here are pictures from when Punkin' got the milk out of the fridge himself & was asking for more!  
{funny face...he's saying "miiiiiilk?"}
i love him so much...even though he's a wild child! :P

We met KeeKee & Pop's for dinner Friday night & he was SO excited to see them!  I try to teach him that KeeKee & Pops are at "work" during the day when we are at home...& he was just so glad they weren't at "work" any more!  He was wilder than ever at dinner...not bad, just WILD & LOUD!  We laughed, he laughed, whatever they said, he said!  TOO much!  :P
{flirting with the waitress & repeating dad ordering "thhweeet teeeeee" (sweet tea)}
{he loves his KeeKee & Pop's so much!}

Punkin' Stories!

I had so many stories I wanted to blog about last night & was just too tired! But I want to to make sure I dont forget them!

So...here we go...

Last minute we decided to go watch Uncle Jon's game for a few minutes yesterday, even though it was pretty cold out. As I was running around the house getting our jackets, blankets, Ryder's sippy & some snacks I said "Do you wanna go see Uncle Jon?!" & Ryder said "besss-baawww?" (baseball). I could not believe it! I had NO idea he had put two & two together!

We were home later & I was watching the news & they were highlighting the Razorback baseball team & once again he said "bessss-baawwww!!". This made a mama so proud! I hope he grows up LOVING the sport! :)

We went out to eat with my parents & my dad ordered sweet tea & Ryder just repeated him like it was no big deal "sthweeeet-teeee!". I just laughed & laughed & laughed! He is such a hoot!

After we got home he ha left the room I was in & it had gotten awfully quiet! I walked into the kitchen to fins him holding the jug of milk & his sippy saying "milllk". His sippy was full of juice but apparently he wanted milk! I'm just so suprised he knows how to open the fridge & get out what he wants!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

17 months!

So...I'm only 25 days late!

-My lil man is learning new things every day!
-I can't believe next month he will be 1 and a half!  Half way to two years old!  :O
-Some new words include lemon, elbow, knee, home, sippy, fire truck, Mama D, Josh, Uncle Jon, Uncle G, Amy, woah, uh-oh, ball, church, Jesus, keys, cheese, cookie, grapes, brush & Ryder.
-I always clap for him when he does something good, like throw the ball, so now he claps for himself when he does something good!  :P  ha!
-He can climb up the ladder on the slide ALL.BY.HIMSELF. & it scares me every time, but you can tell he is just so proud of himself!  
-He has gotten over blueberries..thank goodness!  Those diapers were NASTY!  I guess he wore himself out eating um so much!
-I couldn't tell you the last time I had to put him in "time out"...the only real problem we have is with hitting when he doesn't get his way, & it truly has gotten better over the past few weeks!
-Dad brought home a little kids desk & stool that my Great Uncle Joe made (so Ryder's Great Great Uncle) years & years ago....he had already passed before Ryder was born.  He was a great builder & I am so glad that we have this piece that his hands put together every little piece!  I have to clean it up & restain it & then I'll take some pictures...but Ryder LOVES it already, & cries when I don't let him color on it cause it dirty!  :P
-He still won't really watch TV for me..
-His morning nap has started to get later & later, which has lead us to only taking one semi-long mid day nap.  

-Any time I have a vacuum or broom out...he wants it, & wants to help me "clean"!
-Still size 4 diapers
-All his jeans are getting too short, but the next size up are too big around the waist!
-Mostly 12-18 month clothes, but some 18 months...I've been buying 24 month stuff for the spring.
-We will laugh about this later...but he LOVES some Justin Bieber!   He flaps his arm like a chicken when I play one of his songs, & repeats "knock knock" from the beginning of "one time"!
-He can climb up on the coach, kitchen chairs & even the bar stools at my parents all by himself!
-He loves the church nursery & going to "chuuuuch"
-He loves Mary Beth!  Even though he cries a little bit when I leave, he is FINE by the time I get out of the driveway!  :P


Monday, February 21, 2011

Our day & Earthquakes!

I just bought BlogPress for my phone because sometimes I have pictures on here I want to blog & am too lazy to upload them to my computer...so I'm gonna try this out & see how I like it! :P

It was such a pretty day out I decided we'd go for a walk this morning! I got Punkin some animal crackers & his sippy, my head phones & phone & we hit the street! He did great in his stroller...he just loves being outside! He'd point at dogs, birds & even airplanes!

{my view!}

Yes, my child likes to play with plungers! Ha! We played outside a little bit after we got back while I did a little cleaning out of my car!

So...the earthquakes around here have gotten OUT OF CONTROL! One day last week there were over 20 in one day in this area! I felt one while living in Greenbrier when Ryder was just a few months old, & the other night I felt a rather small one before going to bed. I was sitting in the living room & it was like someone was at myfront door trying to get in but it was locked! Then arpund 2:15 I woke up to an EVEN bigger one...I dont remember what it was like, but its scary!! It calms me to know its JUST (I say that lightly) an EQ & not someone in my house!

Since all this has started I downloaded a free EQ app to know when we had one & how big it was. The picture from above is the one in the middle of the night. Break AR EQ history with a 4.1! I tweeted about it at 2:15, & it happened at 2:13 so this confirms I'm not TOTALLY crazy! :P

This is just a few hour time span...the night before the big one in the middle of the night!

Right at 2 o'clock today we got outta the house & ran to Sonic! We rolled the windows down & just enjoyed this pretty day again...& I made Punkin jam out to Justin Bieber with me! :P. He actually likes it & repeats "knock knock" when "one time" is on!!

Must study. Boring. Blah. ADD.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011


This afternoon we ventured out to the season opener of the UCA Baseball season!  It was just a BEAUTIFUL day & was screaming "baseball weather".  Baseball is my all time favorite sport.  Hands down.  Being out there today, made me really miss the many MANY days & nights I spent at ballfields all over the state with my girls watching "our boys" play ball!  They were all "our boys!"  ;)  I have so many memories at each ball field, I could tell stories for DAYS!  I won't bore you there, but baseball played a huge part of my high school career & I LOVED IT!  
{I love how Punkin' was giving Uncle Jon the "thumbs up"}
This was my first time to see any of our guy friends play in college & it kinda made me sad, that it's their senior year & I was JUST now seeing one of them play.  Times change & people grow apart, but I'll always have those memories from "The Field" here at home!  =)  Uncle Jon had a good game DH'n!
This picture is so funny to me because Ryder looks SO chunky!  He's not really THIS chunky, but he's CHUNKY!  Ha!  He was chewing up a cookie & trying to wiggle out of my arms at the same time!  He was ALL.OVER.THE.PLACE at the game, but was fairly good!  He made all sorts of new friends (which is embarrassing at times...) & half the time he DIDN'T want me!  He was REALLY into the game at first, which made me really happy!  =)  Then the newness wore off & he got over it...we're ready for round two tomorrow, just hope the weather is JUST as nice!
It took him a while to remember Zach, but he finally did & just played & played with him!  He took off all his bracelets, & put them on himself!  This will be the only series Zach will get to "watch" this season, cause he's headed out to to play some ball himself next week!

PS.  I caught a shirt at the game!  Size L, but that's okay...I'll take it!  :P

Friday, February 18, 2011

outside, birthday dinner & bye bye!

With it being SO pretty & feeling so great outside, I have HAD to let Punkin' get out & play!  It feels like we've been cooped up for MONTHS...oh wait, we have!  He loves being outdoors & just cries & cries when I don't let him out to play...it's hard to get inside housework done when he's outside!  :P  ;)  But I am always happy to see how happy he is when he is out running around, so it's ALL worth it!

He's never tried to climb up the slide before, so I was happy to see him learning what the steps are for!
He would much rather push & pull his wagon than ride in it!  :P
Mom's birthday is on Sunday, & dad was leaving town this morning & would be gone on her birthday, so we went out & celebrated last night!  We were gonna go to Mike's, but then decided on a little Bistro in town that's a nice change for all of us!  It was DELISH & we all LOVED our food!  I just had a bad feeling that Punkin' wasn't going to be very good for us...just because were weren't going out to eat, "just to go out to eat" we were going out for mom's birthday.  Well...I was right.  He was wild.  Got jelly every where, lifted up the table cloth & knocked over G's drink, screamed a few times, hit a few things, spit out his food & gave it to G etc. etc. etc. I think he sat in our of our laps at one time or another.  G was very helpful to actually let me eat for five minutes without worrying about Punkin'.
{I think Ryder was saying "G"}
{LOVE this pic of my parents!}
{yeah, as good as it was gonna get.  G was mad @ this point at Ryder.  my arm looks fat}
G & I went & did a lil shopping I needed to do, while mom, dad & Ryder went home.  Dad needed to pack for his trip!  When we got back, we let mom open presents!  We got her a new black HoBo, a pretty darn cool Vera Bradley umbrella that OPENS & CLOSES with a push of a button, Ryder got her some cute notecards, & a gift card to the Kitchen Store!  =)  Hope she had a Happy Birthday...even though it's not even till Sunday!  ;)
Before we left, we gave Pop's one last hug & kiss before he left for the DR the next day!  He's only gonna be gone 4 days, but we sure will miss him!  We know he is enjoying himself, seeing another part of the world for the first time, & sharing the word of Jesus Christ with others!