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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Red Carpet Recap...

I am NOT a fashionista by any means, but I do have an opinion on what was worn last night & I just love watching the E!  Red Carpet more than I even like watching the Oscars...so here's a lil recap of my favs & uhh...not so favs!  
Cate Blanchett

Alot of people will disagree because Giuliana & Kelly Osbourne just loved this dress!  I was not a fan!  I like the unique bead work but do not like how it screams "look at my boobs!"  The shoulders were very unique, but kinda old fashion for me!  I did like the way the bottom of the dress flowed though!
Gwyneth Paltrow

Again..most of you will probably disagree!  I just didn't LOVE it like most!  I like the thought & the way it looks on her body, but don't like the rectangle cut out at the neck line. Her hair definitely went with the dress well & I liked the shimmer but again...didn't LOVE it!  
Jennifer Lawrence

This dress wins one of my favorite votes!  I wasn't so sure at first because it was just so plain, but I LOVE the simplicity!  This is something I would wear because there's not too much going on, yet it looks very clean, fresh & nice!  She looked BEAUTIFUL!  I also loved the fabric of the dress, I bet it was super comfortable!  
Nicole Kidman

NOT a fan! EWW!  This reminded me of like Chinese origami!  & then all the detailed stitching &/or beads (whatever it is..) surely didn't help her case!  She is a beautiful woman & could have done SO much better!  
Natalie Portman

This was also one of my favs of the night!  She looks AH.MAH.ZING for being pregnant don't you think?!  I am really into purple right now, so I think that's why I like it so much, but it doesn't scream "look at my belly!" but she's not trying to hide it either.  I bet this dress was also very comfortable for her!
 Reese Witherspoon

HATED this dress!  Yes, it's pretty on her, but the dress is horrific!  Black & white & SUPER plain!  She could have done so much better!  It seriously looks like a Homecoming dress from 1991.  Also, the hair...that po-po she added back there was just too much & again...so 1991!  This look totally reminded me of her Elle Woods character!  
Jennifer Hudson

Wow.  She just looks FAB doesn't she?!  From the AI stage to winning an Oscar, so presenting an Oscar!  This will make you want to run out & join WW, like....RIGHT NOW!  I loved the color, she called it "tangerine orange" & the fabric was very elegant & I loved the way it was drapped, but I don't think it did anything for her boobs.  :/  I think after all her weight loss, they are a bit saggy for her to be showing them off like she did last night...But overall, I liked it!
Mandy Moore

Again...most people LOVED her look, she was even trending on #twitter but the color of the dress matched her skin tone too much.  It was a good thought, but maybe for someone not so pale!  She did look pretty, but I've seen her prettier!  
Halle Berry

Love, love LOVED her look!  Her skin color is a bit darker than Mandy's so this color worked for her!  It was so simple at the top & then had alot going on at the bottom, but I liked it!  I would have never picked this dress off the rack for myself but it looked GREAT on her!  I love her hair short too!  She is just a beautiful woman!
Scarlett Johansson 

This was BY FAR my favorite dress of the night!  I have always been a HUGE fan of open backs, especially dresses that go all the way up to the neck line in the front.  (ex. Hilary Swank's navy dress from a few years ago...)
(This IS & will ALWAYS be one of my favorite dresses!  I actually wore a similar black one to my senior Winter Formal, it just wasn't long sleeve!)

Anyways, back to Scarlett Jo...I loved the color, I loved the lace, I loved the way it fit her, I loved her messy, scunchy, bobbed hair, I loved her eye shadow, I just LOVED IT ALL!  I don't even really like her that much, but I think this dress was very unique last night on the carpet & again the color was just BEYOND fab if you ask me!  

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