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Thursday, February 24, 2011

17 months!

So...I'm only 25 days late!

-My lil man is learning new things every day!
-I can't believe next month he will be 1 and a half!  Half way to two years old!  :O
-Some new words include lemon, elbow, knee, home, sippy, fire truck, Mama D, Josh, Uncle Jon, Uncle G, Amy, woah, uh-oh, ball, church, Jesus, keys, cheese, cookie, grapes, brush & Ryder.
-I always clap for him when he does something good, like throw the ball, so now he claps for himself when he does something good!  :P  ha!
-He can climb up the ladder on the slide ALL.BY.HIMSELF. & it scares me every time, but you can tell he is just so proud of himself!  
-He has gotten over blueberries..thank goodness!  Those diapers were NASTY!  I guess he wore himself out eating um so much!
-I couldn't tell you the last time I had to put him in "time out"...the only real problem we have is with hitting when he doesn't get his way, & it truly has gotten better over the past few weeks!
-Dad brought home a little kids desk & stool that my Great Uncle Joe made (so Ryder's Great Great Uncle) years & years ago....he had already passed before Ryder was born.  He was a great builder & I am so glad that we have this piece that his hands put together every little piece!  I have to clean it up & restain it & then I'll take some pictures...but Ryder LOVES it already, & cries when I don't let him color on it cause it dirty!  :P
-He still won't really watch TV for me..
-His morning nap has started to get later & later, which has lead us to only taking one semi-long mid day nap.  

-Any time I have a vacuum or broom out...he wants it, & wants to help me "clean"!
-Still size 4 diapers
-All his jeans are getting too short, but the next size up are too big around the waist!
-Mostly 12-18 month clothes, but some 18 months...I've been buying 24 month stuff for the spring.
-We will laugh about this later...but he LOVES some Justin Bieber!   He flaps his arm like a chicken when I play one of his songs, & repeats "knock knock" from the beginning of "one time"!
-He can climb up on the coach, kitchen chairs & even the bar stools at my parents all by himself!
-He loves the church nursery & going to "chuuuuch"
-He loves Mary Beth!  Even though he cries a little bit when I leave, he is FINE by the time I get out of the driveway!  :P


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  1. just came across your blog :) ohmygosh its so cute! what a cutie in those pictures!


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