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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Ramblings...

-I thought I would be done with college in two years, looking at my degree plan & what I have LEFT, I literally sat there & cried & cried today.
-I realized I have a TON of things to do before March 1st to even be CONSIDERED to be accepted into the College of Education by next fall...probably should have started things before now.  Pre-baby I would have...but I just have other things on my mind!
-Applied for the lottery scholarship AGAIN today..maybe I'll get it this time, but probably not.
-I also have ALOT to do for that.  Transcripts from two different colleges sent to one place...SUCKS.  I'd definitely rather be spending my time doing something else.
-I think I have given up on my 2011 Reading List....BLAH!
-I went to buy Brooke Burke's new book yesterday at Hastings...(not that I'm gonna have time to read it), but they said they had it but couldn't sell it till the 28th?  SERIOUSLY?
-I am just stressing about a million things...I want Ryder to go to a preschool/MDO some where next semester, but most of them I've called about are Tuesday/Thursday...I was hoping & wanting a MWF so I could take classes those days.  :/  Lots to think about & figure out...
-I FINALLY got my windshield replaced yesterday after it being cracked for 2 years!  YAY!  But that means I gotta go get a new brow tint put on...I didn't realize I had one until I DIDN'T have one.
-I have GOT to stop drinking so much Dr. Pepper!  AHH!
-Ryder has started to point to all the picture of me around the house & say "Mama...Mama....Mama...Mama"  I just love it!  It took him so long to say it, & now I just can't hear it enough!
-I let him have a Maggie's smiley cookie today as a treat, & while we were in the car, I couldn't see the cookie in his hand & I said "where's your cookie?" & he opened up his mouth!  HA!  Smart boy huh!?
-He has learned the word "apple" today!
-Every time he sees KeeKee & Pops..it just a reminder of how much he LOVES them!  He cries EVERY time they leave, walk out of the room at a restaurant to take phone call, use the restroom etc.
-Mom & Dad went to Branson this past weekend & got lot of goodies for Punkin' for next fall/winter that were on super sale!  YAY!
-This might be the first season (spring...) that I don't already have SOME clothes for Ryder.  I better get on it...I've usually shopped the sales at the end of the year before, but I guess I didn't last year.  :/
-I'm so behind on my TV watching.  I haven't finished RHOA from Sunday & I just finished the Bachelor today!  Jersey tomorrow...(yes, I got drug into this show!  Ha!)
-Well, I've got my ice water & Art Appreciation book in hand...& am headed to bed!  6:30 am will be here before I know it!

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