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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our day...

{pics are all from my phone}

This was us last night before he went to bed...he likes to sit right on top of me & squeeze his legs on my checks.  He just laughs & laughs...whatever makes him happy!  =)  
Bright & early this morning!  I guess he was telling me he wanted to go sledding!  :P
I made my first batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies!  They aren't my mama's but they were pretty darn good!  

I woke up with a KILLER headache, so I laid down for a nap when Ryder did.  He didn't wake up till 1 so neither did I!  :P  We made some lunch & then got on all our gear & trekked over to KeeKee & Pop's for the afternoon!  It was a great change of scenery & we just all enjoyed being there together with nothing really to worry about or "do"...Mom & I watched Glee from last night..all I really care about are the songs, not really the story line or anything...ha!
He actually wasn't scared of it this time, & got down & walked around in it...I so wish I had a snow suit for him!

Pops got off at 11, so it was nice to have him around on a snow day, which doesn't happen very often!

Lil' ole Trixi trying to get around in the snow!

I ate leftovers for dinner, which are ALWAYS my favorite, because you get the taste of a good home cooked meal, just without all the work!  :P

Tomorrow will be day 2 of a snow day, & no class for Mommy!  YAY!  I REALLY need to clean this house & be productive!  :P

Hope ya'll are all stayin' inside, nice & WARM!

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