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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chick, Milk & Sweet Tea!

We grabbed lunch with Abbey on Friday at Chick of course!  Punkin' was such a lil ham!  I don't know what I'm going to do with him!  It was good to run into Chance there as well..& Punkin' made sure & gave him some "'knuckles"!  :P
Ryder likes to climb UP the slide...where I can't see him!  I get worried about him up there, & know there are probably other kids trying to come DOWN!  Abbey climbed up there a few times to get him, but he'd just stay up there!  He thought he was so cool being able to do that!  :P

One thing that wasn't so grand about our lunch...he walked up to the prettiest little blonde headed girl three or four years old & just SLAPPED her across the face!  I couldn't believe it!  I spanked his little butt & made sure he knew he WASN'T supposed to do that!  The sweet little girl didn't even care!  Ha!  She just went on her merry little way after I asked to make sure she was okay!  
{showing me his teeth}
It was so good to sit down an catch up on this crazy little thing called "life" with a friend of many year & many memories!  Thanks for joining us Abbz!
Here are pictures from when Punkin' got the milk out of the fridge himself & was asking for more!  
{funny face...he's saying "miiiiiilk?"}
i love him so much...even though he's a wild child! :P

We met KeeKee & Pop's for dinner Friday night & he was SO excited to see them!  I try to teach him that KeeKee & Pops are at "work" during the day when we are at home...& he was just so glad they weren't at "work" any more!  He was wilder than ever at dinner...not bad, just WILD & LOUD!  We laughed, he laughed, whatever they said, he said!  TOO much!  :P
{flirting with the waitress & repeating dad ordering "thhweeet teeeeee" (sweet tea)}
{he loves his KeeKee & Pop's so much!}

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