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Friday, July 26, 2013

Project 365...Week 21 {Round 2}

{May 19}
At Naynee's for Papaw's birthday & Dawson's grad party!  R with the birthday boy--his great grandfather!

{May 20}
Lil guy is riding his bike without training wheels!  So proud of him!  

{May 21}
He is so thankful for his umbrella today!

 {May 22}
Told ya he loves his new umbrella!  ;) 

{May 23}
Sad to let "Lil fella" his turtle go at Tucker Creek

 {May 24}
"Look at me mom!"

 {May 25}
Day trip to Aunt Dean's with Poppy!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

birthday party fun!

R had four birthday parties in one week!  They all do a little birthday party (cake and goodie bags) at school for all the kids.  Everybody gets everybody a $5 dollar gift, and they love handing their gifts to the birthday child!  It's a fun and special time for the birthday child and all the other kids involved!
Essie had a Doc McStuffins party!  The invitation was so cute and it asked for everyone to bring in their favorite stuffed animal for a "check up"!  How fun!  If you're a preschool parent or have ever watched Doc McStuffins then you know how perfect this is!  We love Doc at our house, so R was really excited!

Here is all the stuff that got sent home with R!  Essie's mom made all of it!  There was also a name badge that had R's pictures on it and said "Dr. Ryder".  I thought this party was the cutest little idea and so wish Doc was a boy!
On Saturday morning, Essie had her "real" birthday party at Jump Zone!  R loves JZ and the only time we go there is for birthday parties....so works out for me, and him!  :P
This party had a Little Mermaid theme and her mom went above and beyond and had some of the cutest stuff!  Of course I had to take pictures!  =)

All my son cared about was the dang cupcakes!  Of course!
After the party I asked R where he wanted to eat...CFA of course!  Even though we had just been there the night before for Cow Appreciation Day! Oh well...you only live once right?!  :P  So off to Chick we went!  I am not one to go to Chick on a Saturday, but I braved it and it wasn't too bad!  ;)

We went home after lunch and I wanted R to take a nap....BUUUUUT that didn't happen!  Ha!
Up next was AZ's party at Ryder's gymnastics place!  We actually met AZ and her family when he started gymnastics during the summer of 2011.  Come to found out, we all went to the same church!  & now her parents are in my parents small group!

AZ had a Princess Sophia party!  R had a lot of fun and really enjoyed getting to play and hang out with AZ!

So thankful for R's little group of friends!

Have a great Thursday friends--one day closer to the weekend!  ;)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

mid week randoms

Happy Wednesday!  Just some more mid week randoms for ya!  I'm linking up with Megan over at In this Wonderful Life.  Enjoy this day, you'll never see it again! =)

  • Nothing better than going to bed with a clean kitchen! =)

  • Have y'all heard that a new "Elf on the Shelf" is coming out?!  A Birthday Elf!  I suppose it will have the same concept as the Christmas one with wanting the kids to "behave" in the weeks leading up to their birthday so that they will get presents!  But I will be interested to red the book!  I am sad that it doesn't come out until after Ryder's birthday...

  • We have been watching them build our new neighborhood market for months now...and opening day finally arrived, so of course we had to go!  ;)  {We are anxiously waiting for the CFA to go in, in front of it though!!  ECCCK!  Can't even believe it!}

  • We cruised up and down every aisle...I just wanted to see what they had and didn't have.  R picked these up and said, "For when you lose your eye brows!"--I was literally CRACKING UP!  He is too much sometimes!  :P

  • I've been studying for the Praxis 2 and it seriously is NOT fun!  Yes, it's stuff I've learned but BLAH I don't remember it all!  Just ready to get it over with!!  R and I made homemade pink lemonade popsicles and I had to have a little pick me up the other day while studying!

  • I asked R to put his dishes in the dishwasher the other day, because he has been asking for chores!  YES--ASKING!  SO I have been trying to find little things for him to do to make him feel grown up!  I didn't find his dishes like this until the next morning....not perfect, but hey they aren't in the sink! ;)

  • There's been construction on the main street I drive on for....oh I don't know how long.  It doesn't really bother me too much except when people don't know how to properly drive when their are orange barrels and round-abouts...and I enjoy watching the progress they are making every day! Well yesterday on my way to get R from school I noticed new LIGHTS!  ECCKK!  Look how much nice those black ones look than the tacky wood and white ones on the right!  I can't wait for it all to be done!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

cow appreciation day 2013

As you know, we love CFA!  I was excited about Cow Appreciation Day this year because we didn't get to go last year for some reason!
I had saved up a bunch of CFA stuff, just for this event!

We went right after I picked R up from school..around four, for an early dinner!  It was the perfect time for this day because no one was there!  I don't do well with crowds and a kid!!

"Moo-ing" like a cow!  Ha!

They even had face painting and a balloon man outside!  R loved them both!

 R loved this big cow!  He was trying to teach him how to do the hop scotch...the cow kept doing it wrong and getting frustrated!  R kept helping him and he finally got it!  ;)

So blessed by such a wonderful company!  & we can't wait for the new one to be open on our side of town...and THEN we're really going to be in trouble!  ;)


Monday, July 22, 2013

more summer randoms

R completely made this tent himself!  I was so proud of him, but it also means he is growing up and needs me less and less.  :(
He wanted to see if he could still fit underneath KeeKee's coffee table...and he could! 
Crazy kid ridding his scooter down the driveway...

Having a little bit too much fun in the mud!
...so we had to get out the sprinkler!
his new favorite place to be!  Still loving his castle tent!
We love our Friday trips to Maggie's!
Look at these cool chairs we found at the library!  R loved them!  I actually saw them at Target a while back too for dorm rooms and stuff!

Happy Monday Friends!