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Monday, July 1, 2013

summer lovin'

We have been lovin' us some summer time!  Yes, I love routine, but it's been nice to be care free and just have a "go with the flow" way about life lately!  R is really growing up and learning new things every day, and is slowly relying on me less and less to do things for him.  It's nice and sad at the same time.

 We've been blowing bubbles in the back yard a lot...
Watching his show before bed!  Love him and the little guy he is turning into so much!!
He did this all himself!  :P
Can't get enough riding in on that four-wheeler!!
R got to pick some blueberries at Mimi & PawPaw's that he planted!  
He's been enjoying his time at Mimi & PawPaw's too!  Right before he was supposed to go over there, he randomly threw up at my house--but he cried and cried and said he still wanted to go to his Mimi's...so he went and was perfectly fine thank goodness!
 We've enjoyed carefree breakfasts working on school...
 ...while I do my quiet time.

We've also enjoyed having time to try new recipes and concoctions!  {banana, blueberry pancakes}
Here is our "Summer To Do:" list that I scribbled out one day...We have since added new things when we think of them!  We are enjoying making things off as the summer flies by!  How is it already July?!


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