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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 365...Week 17

{April 22}
Sad to leave Atlanta....but ready to get home to my lil booger!  I read most of the flight...

 {April 23}
Playing outside is part of our daily routine... 

{April 23}
So good to go over to Mama D's for some taco salad for dinner!  R loves his MacKenzie! 

{April 24}
Playing at the neighbors... 

{April 26}
It was Poppy's 50th birthday!  With all his medical "issues" going on...the bank decided to throw a little medical themed party!  Even one wore scrubs to work, and they put dad in a gown when he got there!  His desk was covered in depends, 5 hour energy drinks, milk of magnesia, first aid kit, old spice body spray, oxygen masks, etc. etc.  It was PRETTY good!  They had a "toilet" cake made...and a cute sign out in front of his parking spot!  A lady even wrote & sang a HILARIOUS song & sang it to him...I was so glad we got to up there for the party for I took R to school & I went to class.  Happy Birthday POPPY!!

 {April 27}
It was dead day for me...so me & Punkin' got to spend the whole day together!  We went to Chick, & then of course Target, & then to finally get him a haircut!  I went to a new place because there was a 4.99 coupon on my Qpon app...can't beat that!  

{April 28}
Punkin' had a big day!  Poppy took him to get the oil changed in KeeKee's car, then they went shopping at Dicks, to McDonald's for a happy meal, picnic and play time at the park....AND then they went to Fro Yo!  I'm worn out just typing it all out!  :P  We then had a birthday party to go to...with a bounce house--of course he LOVED it!  That night Ryder stayed with Morgan so me, mom, dad & G could go out to eat in LR for dad & Garrett's birthdays--THANK YOU SO MUCH MORG!  SO THANKFUL FOR FRIENDS LIKE YOU!  =)  We went to Bravo and all enjoyed a yummy meal & even some birthday dessert!  It's not very often the four of us get out without wild man, so it was nice!


Project 365...Week 16

{April 15}
Punkin dressed up as an "army guy" at Mimi's!

{April 16}
Someone got into Hannah's Barbies!  Don't tell Daddy!  ;)

 {April 17}
This is my mom's gecko Louie from her classroom...Ryder used to be so scared of him, but not any more!  Ha!

 {April 18}
Poppy went in Tuesday night with abdomen pain, and had his appendix out on Wednesday!  We went to see him & take mom dinner...

 {April 19}
Mama flew to Atlanta & had a YUMMY Holy Guacamole burger from The Vortex!  I want one now!

 {April 20}
Sleepover at Mimi's!  So thankful to know my lil man was in good hands while I was gone! 

{April 21}
Made it to KeeKee's house from Mimi's & was being a monkey up in her tree!  I sure did miss my lil booger while I was gone!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Poppy's 50th at the bank!

Poppy's bank threw him a fun 50th!  Considering all the medical problems he has randomly had over the past couple of months (torn ACL skiing (not because of AGE, but accident :P), & appendectomy) they went with a "medical" theme & he was the patient!  It was GREAT!  They had thought of everything & did a wonderful job!

 {Fun chocolate potty cake!  Ha!}
 {Some of the Dr.'s with their patient}

 {Mom & Dad}

It was a fun & nice surprise for dad!  I was glad me, mom & R could make it up there to help surprise him!



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trip to Savannah, GA--Tonya's Bachelorette Weekend!!

EDITED (March 2013):  I have gotten a lot of questions about the Scavenger Hunt, but a lot of people haven't had their e mails linked up to their profile, so I haven't been able to reply!  :(  We didn't make up our own we used Savannah Fun Tours.  They are so easy to work and collaborate with, they even change up the hunt to fit you and your groups personality and needs.  It was neat to learn about some of the history of Savannah, yet be challenged at the same time, spent time with friends and see things we might not have other wise seen!  I would highly recommend it to ANY type of group visiting Savannah, any time of year!  =)

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to hop on a jet plane & head to Atlanta, GA for my cousin Tonya's BACHELORETTE PARTY!  We've been planning it for months, and I couldn't believe the weekend was FINALLY here!  We were headed down to Savannah, GA for a few nights and this Mama couldn't wait!  ;)

 {Necessities that got me through the plane ride...}
Tonya's fiance Luke picked me up from the airport because she was in Chapter, and we went to eat a YUMMMMMY burger place called The Vortex, and OMG, it did NOT disappoint!  This was called the "Holy Guacamole".  And yes--I ate every bite of that burger.

{Early morning trip to the airport to pick up Jordan coming in from DC}
{Loaded up & ready to GOOO...}
{Nothin' like a lil gas station food!}

There was a really neat chalkboard wall on the front of a building, with buckets full of chalk to use on our way to dinner...I gave the wall a lil love!  :P
 ...and this was already there and I liked it!  "DON'T WORRY...BE HAPPY!"
 {Friday dinner @ Carlito's}
{Bachey's 1st shot!}
{Back to the hotel to play some games!  ;)}

 {1st stop of the night...Savannah Smiles}

{Let's just say...she rocked it!  & taught 15 other Bachelorette's how to "wobble" on stage!  ;)}

{...off to lunch & a fun Scavenger hunt!!}

{Shirts I designed, but Ton got for us!  ;)}

The Scavenger Hunt was seriously SOO much fun!  We were broken up into 2 teams and had a list of things to find and do around the city...
{Have a random guy propose to you...}
{See how many people you can get to sit, stand, or touch a bar stool...}
{Take a pic in an elevator...}
{Take pictures of the bride in "strange" places...}

{@ Jen's & Friends...}

{& this won strangest pic of the day!  Ha!}
{Find a couple who has been married the longest & get advice from them for the Bride & Groom--57 years!  & they said, "Don't sweat the small stuff"}
 {Gorgeous trees every where--luckily back to the hotel to take a nap!}

 {MOH & Bride!}
 {Soon to be two Mrs. Taylors!}
 {Gorgeous Sav at night}
 {Bohemian hotel rooftop...}
 {Thank goodness for a McDonald's walk thru on our way home"}

 {Look who made the Atlanta paper!!  BRIDEY HERSELF!  ;)}
{Sad to leave, but ready to get home to see my main man!  This accompanied me all the way home!}

Great weekend with great girls, and can't wait to go back in LESS THAN A MONTH for the WEDDING!  =)