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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Project 365...Week 14

{April 1}
This is AZ.  I would consider her Ryder's "first girlfriend" or "first kiss".  We met her and her family at Gymnastics last summer & they literally fell in love!  They would kiss & hug ALL the time and were just too cute together!  Come to find out, they went to our church--so they get to see each other every once and a while now! 

{April 2}
The Swamp People were in town this passed weekend and we didn't get to go, but a lady at my dad's bank was kind enough to get this hat for Ryder man!  He loves it!

{April 3}
Poppy & Ryder Man wrestlin'

{April 4}
R was playing with play dough one night & said, "Look mom!  I'm a pirate!" Ha!

{April 5}
This was Ryder's Easter Egg hunt at MDO--he was a busy little body!

{April 6}
We got sno cones for the first time this season and R was tempting Poppy with a bite or two!  It was too funny!

{April 7}
& just to embarass him last later...he may or may not have come into the kitchen the other night like this!  ;)


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