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Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's Okay...

A few events that have occurred this week have made me realize a few things...

  • It's okay for Ryder to play in the bath passed his bed time
  • What's the big deal if Ryder ate all the Easter candy he got at the egg hunt today during MDO?
  • If Ryder wakes up in the middle of the night & says his stomach & throat hurts, but tells me that watching Mickey Mouse will "make him feel better..." & we end up watching MMCH together from midnight to 2 am...that's okay, it's just sleep.
  • It's okay to let R play get muddy outside in his "good clothes"...they're just clothes.
  • It's okay if I have to bathe him twice a day for having too much fun.
  • It's okay to let him be "that kid" inside of Wal-Mart with no shoes on (in the buggy of course! :P) (I was the person who SWORE this would NEVER be MY child!  ;) )
  • It's okay to let him play Dora on my phone while I'm missing phone calls & text messages...they'll still be there when he's done.
  • It's okay to let him eat 12 donut holes every Saturday morning on our weekly trip to the "donut shop"...
  • It's okay that I spend 80% of most of my Saturdays outside letting him play instead of keeping him cooped up inside while I do homework or housework.
  • It's okay that my floors aren't always vacuumed or mopped...
  • It's okay for me & R to jump on the bed together--while it's made!
  • It's okay for me to let R make a mess in the living room when people are about to come over...
  • It's okay for me to let him wear his cowboy boots with shorts while we play outside...
  • It's okay to let him drink a small sweet tea from Sonic two days a week...
  • It's okay that my blogging isn't up to par with my old blogging habits because I am too busy with spending time with him and/or school and am just too dang tired to tackle it after he goes to bed (even though there is SO much I want to say!)
It's okay...

Life is too too precious, & these things that may seem like such "No-Nos" in the perfect parenting world...are the things that our kids are going to remember about growing up, so I am going to let them happen, and try to do better about reminding myself that we ONLY LIVE ONCE & so do our kids & to LET THEM LIVE!  



  1. I love this, Kati and it is so true! You're such a good mom.

  2. There are so many things people say you should or shouldn't do with your kids. I say whatever works best for you and for your child! He is just so precious!!! And getting bigger every day. I'm proud of you for being such a great mom :)


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