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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ARRRRGGG!--Halloween 2012

I witnessed this on my drive to Maumelle this morning... #nofilter
It was pajama day at school...instead of the kids wearing their costumes and getting them messed up.  R looked pretty funny in his camp PJs and cowboy boots!  I picked him up from school & then we went up to Poppy's bank to get everybody's costumes out!  The theme this year was "The Haunted Mansion" so things were a bit scarier than normal!

Poppy was Dracula, but R wouldn't let him put his teeth in!  Ha!

We went home and took a nap...and then go up and got ready for a fun night of Trick or Treating with Poppy!
This was our first year to actually take R out to houses around the neighborhood, and not just around town to friends' houses...he loved it though & we are so glad that Poppy went with us!

He had it made in that wagon!!

We made it back to KeeKee & Poppy's for some Chinese takeout & R got to have his first fortune cookie with he LOVED!  He is already planning his Halloween costume for next year!  ;)


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Family Fall Fest

Last weekend, I put together a little Fall party for our extended family at mom's house.  We hadn't seen everybody in a while and needed to celebrate a few birthdays and I wanted the kiddos to get to paint pumpkins or something festive!  So...that's just what we did!  We had a couple of different soups for lunch, rum cake, lemon pie, bunko buns & pumpkin bars!  Perfect fall menu!  Afterwards we all headed outside to paint!  It was a lot of fun & I look forward to doing it again in the future years!  R did really well, I was proud! ;)

Everybody was very creative with their pumpkins...I was quite impressed!  I loved Karleigh's chevron one & she even did a Freckle Face Farm one too!  =)

Can you tell what I was in the process of making?!  ;)

Linda Sue got all the kids little Halloween goodie bags that had these fangs in them...well all the big kids were scaring R with their fangs in, so I just told him to get his & put them in & scare them back!  So...that's what he did!  He looks SOOO funny...as you can tell & was literally trying to bite people but he could barely open his mouth because they were so big for his little mouth!  Ha!  We were all cracking UP!!

My finished product!  =)  It was a process but I was very happy with how it turned out!  ;)


Monday, October 29, 2012

R's School Pictures

I just wanted to share some of R's school pictures with you!  I ended up buying all the rights to them because I loved them so much!  I am so lucky to have just a happy lil booger!  ;)

...and of course they had to have one with his Tangy--that kid loves Tangy more than his own mama!  ;P Okay...maybe not THAT much...but a lot!  ;)


Friday, October 26, 2012

Lil Park Date

Yesterday and today I am on Fall Break from school.  I decided to keep R home with me yesterday so that we could spend the day together!  It was almost 85 yesterday...so we headed out to the park after lunch and he was SO excited!  Poppy takes him to the park a lot, but I don't always get to!  We had fun!

This popped up while sitting at the park...& the scary thing is there was an ice cream truck "van" in the parking lot.  Kinda freaked me out...
True life dear devil I swear...!

Then we went on a lil walk around the area we drive by EVERY day...

We went to this tree & picked up leaves of all the different colors for a little project... 
Then we swung together & headed back home!
But not with someone asking if we could go to Maggie's first!  ;)  He told me how to get there & everything...so of course we stopped & got a few smiley face cookies!  =)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project 365...Week 42

{October 14}
We did a little pumpkin carvin'!  

{October 15}
Never fun to wake up to a lil man with a fever..Dr. & a day spent at home with Mama!

{October 16}
Another day at home with Mama...we went to Kroger to get out of the house & had a blast!

{October 17}
He is such a toot!  Couch snuggles before bed!

{October 18}
He sleeps JUST like his Mama!  =)

{October 19}
We went to Panera to eat with KeeKee since Poppy was headed to the deer woods!

{October 20}
Can you believe we found these buzz wings at GOODWILL for 4 dollars?!?!  I had never even seen them in stores before...definitely a SCORE!  He only takes them off to sleep & bathe!  ;)