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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project 365...Week 42

{October 14}
We did a little pumpkin carvin'!  

{October 15}
Never fun to wake up to a lil man with a fever..Dr. & a day spent at home with Mama!

{October 16}
Another day at home with Mama...we went to Kroger to get out of the house & had a blast!

{October 17}
He is such a toot!  Couch snuggles before bed!

{October 18}
He sleeps JUST like his Mama!  =)

{October 19}
We went to Panera to eat with KeeKee since Poppy was headed to the deer woods!

{October 20}
Can you believe we found these buzz wings at GOODWILL for 4 dollars?!?!  I had never even seen them in stores before...definitely a SCORE!  He only takes them off to sleep & bathe!  ;)

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