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Monday, October 15, 2012

Country Boy

I love that my lil city boy gets to go out to his Mimi & PawPaw's once a week to be a country boy for a little bit!  I love that he gets to brow up in both surroundings and be exposed to it all!  He wears whatever he wants out there....& sometimes nothing at all!  I loved the wayne looked in overalls & rubber boats with no shirt!  He gets to be out there enjoying God's creation with people that love him & that makes my heart so SO happy--& pictures like these make me even happier!  

For some odd reason...he likes to shovel for his Mimi!  He says that it makes her "so SO happy!"  Here is is doing what he does!  :P
I sure do love my lil city slicker boy...but I love my country boy too JUUUUUST as much!  ;)


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