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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

new trampoline park!

For unexplained reasons...I had to take off work today to keep R and tomorrow he is staying with his Mimi.  But I decided to make a fun day out of our day today and take advantage of all the big kids being in school and going to the new trampoline park!  

We got an early lunch at Chick {duh!} and then headed to the Apple store to get my phone looked at.  I'm glad I took it in, because there were some software issues with that luckily they could fix!  Then we were off to the trampoline park and we basically had it to ourselves!  R had a blast and can't wait to go back!

Then...when it was time to go, I realized I had locked my keys in my car.  I ended up calling a locksmith and R got to jump for 30 extra minutes!  The locksmith was so nice and told me if I had full coverage car insurance, then I already "paid" for locksmiths and I just needed to give my insurance the receipt and they would pay me back--THAT sure did turn my day around and sure enough he was right!  Thankful for nice people who tell you things you (or your parents) didn't know!  

And then.....we got stuck in traffic!  A bad accident right at a tricky part of the interstate.  Luckily R was already asleep by this point!  :P

This is about how I felt about the traffic...BUT--it just made me that much more thankful I don't have to make that commute everyday like SO many people!  PS--I also watched Mama Laughlin's new makeup tutortial while stuck in traffic, and let's just say it's rockin' and she's hilARRRR!!  Go watch.  NOW!  {& you might learn a thing or two like I did}

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

life around here!

Just an update on some things that have been going on around here lately!  We are busy & finally in a real routine & it feels great!

Meet T-Rex..."my" bearded dragon I am in charge of in the classroom I am long term subbing in!  I won't touch him...yet!  I let the kids deal with him! :P
Nana got me this "Tree of Life" necklace for Christmas and I just got to wear it this past week!  It was made by a lady at her church...I got a lot of compliments on it!
...& y'all all know I was sad about this one.  I sure hope things turn around soon, but I'm not so sure that's gonna happen.  :/
We kept Sister for the weekend...not exactly my cup of tea, but it went fine!  R enjoyed having a little buddy at the house with us but she was ready to go back home to KeeKee & Poppy's!
We tried out a new place in town called "Hog Wild" and R LOVED it!  We were so glad that Pooh was in town and was able to play with us for a little bit!  She is the best person to "play" with!  =)

What?  Don't you have Ninja Turtles in your house on Sunday mornings to help you get ready?!
R went to the Big Buck Classic with his dad on Sunday and got to lots of cool things like climb a rock wall, pet a baby alligator and ride an electric bull!
Lovin' my new Valentine's Day mug from Targ $ spot!  {This was my pre-dinner coffee! ;)}

Nothing too exciting...but we've been having fun living life & I hope you are too!  =_


Sunday, January 19, 2014

bachey business! {kansas city}

Two days after Christmas, we all loaded up and headed to Eureka Springs {so Allison thought!}  We were really going to Kansas City!!  WAHOO!  Most of us had never been before, so we were excited to say the least!  Anna had framed the REAL invite we had all gotten in the mail telling us we were going to KC....she opened it, read it and screamed!  Ha!  Crazy girl thought we were going to a cabin in the woods for the weekend...UMMM, NO MAM! ;)
We found her some drinks at a gas station as we got closer to KC!  Drink up pretty lady! ;)
Classy bar set up in the hotel room!  :P
Little pre dinner fun at the hotel bar before heading out!  {Me, Brooke, Anna, Allison & Hannah!} PS we all went to preschool together!
The first night we ate at Brio.  It was in the Plaza with our hotel, so we could take a shuttle any where in the Plaza for free--and that was definitely the way to go!  Back to Brio...would highly recommend it!  Unique setting, great staff, and delicious food!  I got the grilled salmon and for the most part I couldn't' taste it because I was getting over a sinus infection, but it had a semi-crunchy texture to it that made it really unique.  I hate that I was eating such fancy food and couldn't taste it...but everybody else at the table that got salmon ate all of their's as well!

Our waiter thought it was Allison's birthday and brought her this little dessert...ha!  We didn't object to a free dessert though of course!  
Saturday we threw on some clothes and headed out to the Plaza to see what we could find!  We had brunch at The Classic Cup!  Fantastic restaurant with some of the most delicious food, but the staff wasn't our favorite.  
After brunch, we had to get some Starbucks to help us with our shopping!  We got so lucky that it was FREEZING while we were there--a little chilly, but not nearly what it could have been!  You could most definitely tell who was from up there and who wasn't though by the way they were dressed!  Ha!  
We visited and learned some stuff at "The Art of Shaving"...
Then....Anna had set up our own pole dancing class!  OH MY WORD!  SO MUCH FUN!!  & not as trashy as I'm sure you are thinking--you know you've always wanted to learn how to spin around those things!  :P  Well...we did!  A total blast and if you ever get the chance to do it yourself, don't hold back!  It was just us and the instructor and she made us feel so comfortable!  She actually offers "Polga" which is pole dancing and yoga put together!  So wish I could try it out!

We kinda skipped out on lunch that day, since we had had brunch, but we were fine!  After our class we went back to the hotel to get ready for the evening!  But, what was so nice was that we didn't have to fix out hair, because we were going to a dry bar to get that done!
Seriously...one of the funnest things!  We had the place to ourself and everyone was just SO SO nice and kept telling us how fun people from AR were!  Ha!  This was a TRUE Dry Bar that didn't cut or color hair...only did blow outs!  So wish we had one here!
Believe it or not...this is 3/4th of the All Girl State Champion stunt group in 2006--just missing our flyer Mal!
The "Parlor" at the Plaza--check it!  Owner is Meg and so sweet!  
I'm not one for selfies, but I LOVED how my hair turned out!
Then off to din at McCormick's & Schmidt's!  YUM once again-with a beautiful view of the city!
Lettuce wedge salad!
Dell had thought ahead and gotten us all 5 hour energy drinks!
We had a coupon for a free "Chocolate Bag".  OMG.  Let's just say wow.  Dark chocolate bag with fruit inside, raspberry sauce and whip cream.  Need I say more?
Then it was time for some Power and Lights.  This is an unexplainable place until you've been...GREAT for a Bachey party for sure!  We had fun making our rounds!  

It was pretty empty from what we heard...this is usually FULL of people.  It's "outside" but it's not.
Sunday morning we were up and at'um headed back home.  Let's just say the weather took a turn over night and we were UNPREPARED!  It was 12 degrees and snowing when we left...and most of us were wearing t shirts with a little jacket....DEFINITELY NOT enough!  Anna had to get us gas and had to use a blanket to cover her face it was so frigid out there!

Over all....fantastic weekend and I'm so glad my sickies didn't keep me from going!  If you're planning a Bachey party and live close, KC is fantastic!  KC & Savannah are my two fav Bachey party location getaways for sure!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{semi} dream job

today was day two on the {semi} big girl job.  i've known i was going to long term sub for a while now, almost since i started my internship in august.  i just always wondered if something was going to happen or if it was going to fall thru, or if i wasn't going to be "good enough".  i don't know why, but i guess that first "job" is just always a scary thing--especially in the middle of the year, during the semi-middle of the semester...in a classroom that's not even yours!  it's whole other level of responsibility i feel like.  i was going to be coming in for seven weeks, and then leaving it back up to the "real" teacher after that.

i had psyched myself out about not doing things "right" or doing things the way the real teacher does them, and the kids not "liking" me because i just did things "different"...but since when have i cared about that very much!?  :P  but i had to get over that...and i am so thankful that i did.  i am also so thankful for this opportunity and so blessed by the school i am at and getting to be apart of.  yesterday and today couldn't have gone any better than planned.

not many people get the opportunity i have right now, so i am trying to soak it all up and learn as much as possible (and that's already been ALOT in the past two days...in a good way!)  it's been so sweet to have teachers from my old hall come say hello.  so thankful they are just as happy for me as i am.

i am no longer psyching myself out, or giving myself anxiety over this long term sub position because i've got this!  this was what i was made and trained to do!  the last two days (or even yesterday as i was leaving), again i was reminded that i was exactly where i'm supposed to be.  i just feel so in my element and am so thankful that i found and made the right career choice the first time around before it was too late.  growing up, i never wanted to be a teacher because "my mom was a teacher", but i was letting that get in the way of what/who i really needed to be.  now, i am so thankful that i "get to" be just like my mom...because as i've gotten older, i've realized that that's not such a bad thing!  ;)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

allison's showers

My sweet friend Allison got married this past weekend, and before I posted the pics from her bachey weekend away and the wedding, I wanted to document her wonderful showers!  All of the bridesmaids went to school together starting in pre-school.  Three of them (including the bride) even graduated from college together--so this was a pretty special wedding and events leading up to it!

{Shower #1}

Hannah, Brooke, Allison, and Anna

{Shower #2}

Fun pictures from their engagements!

Beautiful fall tablescape!

I had to take R with me to this shower...let's just say THAT was interesting!  She literally opened presents for 2 hours!  We were ALL tired!  :P
Beautiful quilt her aunt made her!  Very special!
Allison's beautiful mom has alzheimer's and has for the past 5-7 years.  This is a picture of Allison holding her mom's hand that her groom's cousins drew for her with PENCIL!  There was not a dry eye in the room when Allison opened this beautiful gift!  So thankful she will have this now and forever!