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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

new trampoline park!

For unexplained reasons...I had to take off work today to keep R and tomorrow he is staying with his Mimi.  But I decided to make a fun day out of our day today and take advantage of all the big kids being in school and going to the new trampoline park!  

We got an early lunch at Chick {duh!} and then headed to the Apple store to get my phone looked at.  I'm glad I took it in, because there were some software issues with that luckily they could fix!  Then we were off to the trampoline park and we basically had it to ourselves!  R had a blast and can't wait to go back!

Then...when it was time to go, I realized I had locked my keys in my car.  I ended up calling a locksmith and R got to jump for 30 extra minutes!  The locksmith was so nice and told me if I had full coverage car insurance, then I already "paid" for locksmiths and I just needed to give my insurance the receipt and they would pay me back--THAT sure did turn my day around and sure enough he was right!  Thankful for nice people who tell you things you (or your parents) didn't know!  

And then.....we got stuck in traffic!  A bad accident right at a tricky part of the interstate.  Luckily R was already asleep by this point!  :P

This is about how I felt about the traffic...BUT--it just made me that much more thankful I don't have to make that commute everyday like SO many people!  PS--I also watched Mama Laughlin's new makeup tutortial while stuck in traffic, and let's just say it's rockin' and she's hilARRRR!!  Go watch.  NOW!  {& you might learn a thing or two like I did}

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  1. That trampoline park looks like loads of fun! What's not fun at all is you being locked out. You're very fortunate on having your car insurance take care of that, as most people don't realize this fact. You'll never know when you'd be locked out again, but at least you'd rest easy the next time it happens. Take care!

    Joyce Robertson @ Locked Out Locksmiths


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