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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

{semi} dream job

today was day two on the {semi} big girl job.  i've known i was going to long term sub for a while now, almost since i started my internship in august.  i just always wondered if something was going to happen or if it was going to fall thru, or if i wasn't going to be "good enough".  i don't know why, but i guess that first "job" is just always a scary thing--especially in the middle of the year, during the semi-middle of the semester...in a classroom that's not even yours!  it's whole other level of responsibility i feel like.  i was going to be coming in for seven weeks, and then leaving it back up to the "real" teacher after that.

i had psyched myself out about not doing things "right" or doing things the way the real teacher does them, and the kids not "liking" me because i just did things "different"...but since when have i cared about that very much!?  :P  but i had to get over that...and i am so thankful that i did.  i am also so thankful for this opportunity and so blessed by the school i am at and getting to be apart of.  yesterday and today couldn't have gone any better than planned.

not many people get the opportunity i have right now, so i am trying to soak it all up and learn as much as possible (and that's already been ALOT in the past two days...in a good way!)  it's been so sweet to have teachers from my old hall come say hello.  so thankful they are just as happy for me as i am.

i am no longer psyching myself out, or giving myself anxiety over this long term sub position because i've got this!  this was what i was made and trained to do!  the last two days (or even yesterday as i was leaving), again i was reminded that i was exactly where i'm supposed to be.  i just feel so in my element and am so thankful that i found and made the right career choice the first time around before it was too late.  growing up, i never wanted to be a teacher because "my mom was a teacher", but i was letting that get in the way of what/who i really needed to be.  now, i am so thankful that i "get to" be just like my mom...because as i've gotten older, i've realized that that's not such a bad thing!  ;)


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  1. That's awesome, Kati! I'm sure you're an awesome teacher...and how awesome that you get to do this now?!


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