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Sunday, January 5, 2014

christmas 2013

It's tradition to go to Nana and Papaw's on Christmas Eve and that's just what we did!  To grandmother's house we go!
 Ryder with two of his second cousins--Sterling & Aidan!
Getting a little festive with my Santa hat!  ;)
I used to sit on Papaw's lap while he read the Christmas story...and now my little guy gets to!  This was the 20th year for us to read out of that book!
Santa Linda Sue getting ready for us to play dirty santa with gift cards!  SO fun!
Made these sugar cookies for G!  ;)
We made it home from Nana & Papaw's and R put out some of the sugar cookies we decorated and milk for Santa!
Christmas Eve night we also opened up gifts from our family in Georgia and R got some Power Ranger gloves...which he is wearing in this pic!  Too funny!
Christmas morning!  Up and ready to go!  Before he even opened his eyes he said, "Merry Christmas Mom!"  So sweet!

"This is exactly what I wantttttted!" {THANK YOU TJMaxx! ;)}
We have always joked with each other about wanting a Jeep Wrangler...and Santa got R a remote control one...he had asked for a remote control monster truck, but the Jeep was too fun to pass up! ;)

R went to his other grandparents for the day and the rest of us chilled out.  I'm sad to say I didn't get out of my PJs all day long because I just didn't feel right.  I am currently recovering from a sinus infection that I now know made itself known on Christmas Day...blah.
One of my favorite new ornaments this year--from my Mama!
R's dog Hawk looks just like this, so this was the ornament I got him this year!  He loves it!
My new Keurig is fitting right in...I know I'm only 2-3 years behind, but that's okay!  Also loving my new "YOU ARE HERE" mug from Atlanta that Luke and Tonya got me for Christmas.


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