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Saturday, February 22, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 4}

{Jan. 22}
I was doing some grading, and R was working on his "homework"

{Jan. 23}
Too many trip to Target he tells me.  He's lucky he's small enough to still fit in the cart and play his iPad while I shop! :P

{Jan. 24}
We kept Sister for the weekend while KeeKee & Poppy were out of town!

{Jan. 25}
So thankful for Pooh being able to come spend time with us and take us to Hog Wild!  They had a blast!!

{Jan. 26}
Big Buck Classic with his dad, Papaw Hollis & Granny Jean!  He got to climb a rock wall! 

{Jan. 27}
Putting on a bandaid by himself...told me "I've been practicing this for years and years"

{Jan. 28}
A day out of school for the both of us, meant a trip to the new trampoline park!  He seriously LOVED it of course!  Can't wait to go back!


Monday, February 17, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 3}

{Jan. 15}
Trying on some USA Olympic gear at Targ!

{Jan. 16}
Helping me make some lemonade!

{Jan. 17}
Out on an adventure with Poppy!  Always getting ice cream some where!

{Jan. 18}
This crazy kid...I don't even know what to say!  :P

{Jan. 19}
Riding his dirt bike out at Mimi's house!

{Jan. 20}
This guy asked for carrots!  ASKED FOR THEM!!  So thankful for school!! :P

{Jan. 21}
Trying to make the funny face I always make to him!  & ROCKIN' those Santa pjs! ;)


Sunday, February 16, 2014

our valentine's day

R has been "Star Kid" at school all week...and he knew Valentine's Day was the week of his Star Week, so he's been looking forward to it for a few weeks now!  Even though, I'm not really sure if he even knows what the day is really about!  Ha!  

On Thursday, KeeKee & Uncle G went to his school to read a Doc McStuffin's Valentine book, make heart shaped bird feeder crafts, & take blueberry muffins to all his friends for snack!  It was all a huge hit, thank you KeeKee & Uncle G! =)

Nothing better than hearing, "Happy Valentine's Day!" from a sweet lil voice from a sleepy head with their eyes still closed!  :P  Then off to the kitchen to see what he got!  {I opted out of wrapping this year...I mean, Santa doesn't wrap! }  He got Octanaut stuff for his birthday, and then got some new Gups for Christmas...but still needs a few more, so I got him the only one he didn't have at the store!  He was so PUMPED!!  & the Ninja Turtle cell phone he wanted!  Ha!  & some gardening tools because he broke his last week playing outside in the ice...

 I attempted at making a heart shaped pancake...but that's not what really mattered!  He enjoyed it anyways!  :P  Then it was getting ready like normal & off to school!
KeeKee made his wonderful Ninja Turtle box!  I think it turned out PERFECT and R loved it!  They had gymnastics and then their Valentine's Party where they decorated cookies with yogurt and fruit!  YUM!

And...for the third year in a row, we enjoyed a sit down dinner at Chick!  It was fun, but R was acting crazy and I'm not sure why!  But I love this lil guy and I love getting to spend every day with him, watching him learn and grow into a young boy!  Time is flying too fast though!! :(  One day he probably won't want to be his mom's Valentine!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 2}

{Jan. 8}
Lil guy had some earwax KeeKee was trying to help him out with!  :P

{Jan. 9}

Bed time with my boo.  Love him dearly.

{Jan. 10}
Laying down for 5 mins before heading out to Allison & Kyle's rehearsal!

 {Jan. 11}
Mr. Ring Bearer waiting for the games to begin!

 {Jan. 12}
 Eating Wagon Wheel with his dad!

{Jan. 13}
 My little country boy out on the farm!

{Jan. 14}
 Finally got my baby back!  Read for the week ahead!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

#katiaday2014 {week 1}

So...I followed thru with Project 365 in 2012, and then in 2013...I only got to Week 22.  I still kept them in order, but they just didn't make themselves here on the ole blog.  Maybe one day...but I decided to use the hashtag #katiaday2014 on IG to keep up with daily pics of me and R.  I am also uploading them to the Project 365 Pro app.  This will be my third year using the app.  I wasn't sure if I was going to blog my pictures this year, but I kinda decided last minute that it is something I want to do!  IG may not be around forever....or Project 365 Pro app either...so I want to make sure I have them on here as well!  
{Jan. 1}
 Nothing like a little shooting in the back yard with your Poppy on New Year's Day!

{Jan. 2}
 We went to LR to eat and R road home with Poppy.  R and I never made it down town to see the new Christmas Tree, so Poppy stopped to take R to get his picture made and I'm so glad he did! 

{Jan. 3}
 We got a new Hibachi restaurant down the street in what used to be Blockbuster (sad that R will never know what it's like to walk in a store and "rent" a movie, that's not out of a machine!)  We decided to try it out and it did not disappoint!  R loved all the tricks and kept asking for MORE!!

{Jan. 4}
A sweet friend of my brothers (& mine...) that he met at camp in elementary school text him and asked if me & R would want to go to a play that they had extra tickets to at The Rep the next day!  How sweet and thoughtful RIGHT?  We are always down for an adventure...so we went!  We saw Because of Winn Dixie and it was so neat to see the dog acting!  We went to Purple Cow afterwards for R's first purple ice cream experience!  

{Jan. 5}
 Pawpaw gave R a scope so that he could look out the window at all the animals!  He loves it!

{Jan. 6}
 R is serious about his mac and cheese!

{Jan. 7}
Being out of school...we met Poppy for afternoon coffee at Starbucks while we were out on the town running errands!  Always good for an unexpected visit in the middle of the day!  


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

new hog wild with old friends!

One of my besties, Pooh was gonna be in town on a Saturday with some free time--& she is ALL about having some fun with kids, so where else did we take her....the new gaming center in town HOG WILD!  We had a blast...she might have had more fun than R.  I'm not the best "game player" but she sure is!  She spoiled R and he had a blast!  Thankful for lasting friendships where we may not always see each other, but we DO when we can!

The only thing I played and excelled at was this HUGE connect four!  So much fun! ;)