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Sunday, February 16, 2014

our valentine's day

R has been "Star Kid" at school all week...and he knew Valentine's Day was the week of his Star Week, so he's been looking forward to it for a few weeks now!  Even though, I'm not really sure if he even knows what the day is really about!  Ha!  

On Thursday, KeeKee & Uncle G went to his school to read a Doc McStuffin's Valentine book, make heart shaped bird feeder crafts, & take blueberry muffins to all his friends for snack!  It was all a huge hit, thank you KeeKee & Uncle G! =)

Nothing better than hearing, "Happy Valentine's Day!" from a sweet lil voice from a sleepy head with their eyes still closed!  :P  Then off to the kitchen to see what he got!  {I opted out of wrapping this year...I mean, Santa doesn't wrap! }  He got Octanaut stuff for his birthday, and then got some new Gups for Christmas...but still needs a few more, so I got him the only one he didn't have at the store!  He was so PUMPED!!  & the Ninja Turtle cell phone he wanted!  Ha!  & some gardening tools because he broke his last week playing outside in the ice...

 I attempted at making a heart shaped pancake...but that's not what really mattered!  He enjoyed it anyways!  :P  Then it was getting ready like normal & off to school!
KeeKee made his wonderful Ninja Turtle box!  I think it turned out PERFECT and R loved it!  They had gymnastics and then their Valentine's Party where they decorated cookies with yogurt and fruit!  YUM!

And...for the third year in a row, we enjoyed a sit down dinner at Chick!  It was fun, but R was acting crazy and I'm not sure why!  But I love this lil guy and I love getting to spend every day with him, watching him learn and grow into a young boy!  Time is flying too fast though!! :(  One day he probably won't want to be his mom's Valentine!

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