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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

First off...enjoy a few of my mom's Thanksgiving decor before we get to the good stuff!  You can print your own printables for next Thanksgiving (& even some Christmas ones are up now) at Craftily Ever After for FREE!  Can't beat that!  Thanks Jessica!

We had Thanksgiving at my mom's this year...all we had to do was walk across the street!  If only it were REALLY that simple..Punkin was a grouch that morning so he HAD to get a morning nap!  I had planned on going to mom's around 10 to help out, but THAT didn't happen!  We got there a little before everybody else & Punkin was STARVING so he got to eat before everybody else...even though he didn't get any of the good stuff!  He was stuffing his face--AS ALWAYS!

When everybody got there & got everything heated up & out on the spread we dug in!  It was delish as ALWAYS!  Nana's homemade crescent rolls, honey baked ham, Bunky's smoked turkey, Naynee & Linda Sue's dressing, my mom's green beans, mom's sweet potato casserole & her grape nut salad!  YUUMMM!--trying to think of more but that's all for now!  It ate what I could because of my throat...I got too much on a plate, but any other day I would have eaten it ALL up!  =)  It just took me a little while longer than everybody else...

I love my lil Punkin' so much.  I wouldn't rather take care of anyone else but HIM!  =)

Around 5 Punkin & I took a nap in Uncle G's bed!  SHHH...don't tell!  That was the best nap ever!  I was worn out & so was he!  We got up a few hours later for round two...left overs!  Punkin finally got to enjoy some Thanksgiving food himself!  Of course he loved the rolls & ate SO much ham!  I was shocked!  I couldn't keep food on the plate!  He loved it all & I was so glad!

...he even got caught feeding the dog!  WOOPSIE!  Not because he didn't like his food, but because he was trying to be nice & share!  :P

Mr. Bobby came over & ate left overs with us & watched the TX vs. A&M game with dad!  The Aggies pulled through with a win so I was happy for him!  Ryder seemed to really like him & would even show off & do tricks to impress him!  He watched the game with the boys for a little bit in the Man Cave!  :P
I am truly blessed to have such great family around here & close that I can celebrate this special holiday with!  We have TOO much to be grateful for!  Me & Punkin are blessed to be loved by so many wonderful people!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

my day in bullets.

-Punkin' & I slept in this morning.  He actually laid in bed with me awake & just cuddle.  Pure.Joy.
-Morgan came by to visit us & see the house.  Then she offered to take Punkin' home with her for a while so I could have a break.  This never happens, especially when I don't have anything planned to do.  This was so nice for a change, even though I was hesitant to let him go for no apparent reason.
-I ran to Hancock's were my mom was to look at fabric, & scored a $59.99 lamp for $5.99!  How could I NOT buy it?  Nothing was wrong with it...just had been in the store too long!
-It looks great on my night stand!
-Then I ran to Hibbett to get the shoes I looked at last week.
-I had called in a refill of my pain meds this morning because I knew they would be closed tomorrow & I would probably run out by then.  So I headed there next.  They told me my insurance wouldn't pay for a refill until the "24th".  I almost burst in tears assuming that was tomorrow or they wouldn't have bothered to tell me that.  I was already in pain for going to long without a dose & just calmly asked, "how much does it cost without insurance?"  "$360" "uhh...no thanks.  So I can just come first thing Friday & pick that up?"  But I was dying on the inside.  I was already ALMOST out, & how could they make me wait till Friday since tomorrow they were closed for Thanksgiving?  O.M.G.  Luckily my mom was right behind me in line picking up her refill & I pulled over to tell her what was going on.  Anything other time I would have been a big girl & begged them to let me have it today because I just has my tonsils out for GOODNESS sack, but it hurt enough to talk.  She said she'd go in & take care of it.  PHEW.  They had made a mistake, & I could get a refill today.  Thank.Freakin.Goodness.
-Today was day 5, & the nurses warned me last week day 5 would be the worst.  I wouldn't the worst but it hasn't been the best.
-We had another visitor tonight...Kelly!  She brought me a sweet tea with one lemon from Sonic too!  =)  We had a great catch up chat & dad gum I miss that girl!
-We went to my parent's to eat & hang out...Nick came over there to hang out with us too!  We had a good time...& it made me ready for all my family to be here tomorrow!  I love when we are all together!
-This second bottle of meds isn't working quite like the first!  & this bottle doesn't have a child proof lock?  Seriously?
-Cinnamon flavored toothpaste probably isn't a bright idea for an open wound in your mouth.
-I am sick of feeling like I have crap stuck in the back of my throat & feeling the need to hack it out.  Oh wait...I do.  #sick
-I still don't know what Santa is getting Punkin' for Christmas.  KeeKee & Pop's are getting him something that I'm really excited about...but what will this Santa get him?  He doesn't need anything, but I want there to be something memorable!
-The GLEE Christmas album is pretty legit!
-I wish I had more up to date Christmas CD's & movies...
-I cannot believe this weather!  I just had to turn my air on before I crawled in bed!  Only in Arkansas!
-My dad bought himself George Bush & Sarah Palin's new books tonight.  Of course he did...just what I was planning on getting him for Christmas...& I KNEW they would both be a good present.  He always pulls this crap.
-I don't want to go back to school next week.  This breaks been too nice...
-We are ready for Uncle G to be home!  I hope Punkin' remembers him!  He still has 2 FULL days at sea!  Oh my word!  I wonder what on earth those boys are up to!  :O
-I guess that's it.  Sorry if I've bored you this week with no pictures of my sweet boy.  Hopefully tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

lil update..

I woke up today thinking it was gonna be a bad day because of the way I felt, but it turned out not to be so bad!  I took some meds, and Punkin' was REALLY good this morning, so things looked up quickly!

We got around & got ready for the first time in what seems like DAYS!  We went to lunch with KeeKee & Pop's @ The Hole in the Wall Cafe (yes, that's what it's really called)!  Good 'ole home cookin'!  Pops loves it!  They have some killed mac n'cheese & fried corn bread!  Oh my goodness!  :O

We headed to Target after that to grab the Fisher Price nativity set that was on sale for $13.99 down from $27.99!  Total score!  Can't pass that up!  I have been wanting to get it for Punkin' for a while now so he can have his "own" to play with at KeeKee's & online they are as much as $67!  NO WAY JOSE!  I grabbed the last 2/4 & one of my mom's teacher friends grabbed the last two that we ran into later, so I'm glad we got there when we did!

We were probably at Target for a good 2 hours...ALL over the place!  I helped mom get ALOT of presents bought & marked off the list!  Punkin' was so good the entire time...I was proud of him...but knew we better not over do it or it would be bad!  We had a lot of fun with KeeKee & got a lot accomplished!

We grabbed some Starbucks on our way home, and this poor throat needed something cold!  I got my summer drink, tall caramel frapp with no whip & of course Punkin' wanted to try a sip.  BIG MISTAKE.  He loved it. I had no drink left by the time we got home.

We both took a nap from 3-6!  Shopping wore us OUT!  :P  We went & ate pizza with Pops & then KeeKee & I went & did Thanksgiving dinner shopping at Wal-Mart while Pops & Punkin' played!

I'd like to say my throat is doing better...but I just feel like I have stuff back there all the time now!  It's SICK!  I feel like I need to cough stuff up, but it's all connected!  ICCKKK!  I have lowered my dose of meds, but I still need them.  I think it's all healing well...I'm just ready to be "normal" again, & not have to worry about what I'm eating...cause you know this girl likes to EAT!

Yummy new recipe coming after Thanksgiving...will be great for upcoming Christmas parties!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week!

I'm still not up to feeling 100% but I tried to do what I could yesterday around the house.  That included putting Punkin' in one of his Thanksgiving shirts!  I got these iron on appliques from Etsy & just ironed them on a t shirt from Wal-Mart!  I thought they turned out pretty cute! (it's an R if you didn't notice)
Punkin's daddy came to see him for a little bit yesterday & they had a good ole time!  Read some books, played around the house & went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather!  Punkin' loves him so much & he just lights up when he sees him at the door!

He has gotten to be quite the rough house lately!  He loves being pushed around & just messed with...it makes him GRIN so big & laugh & just wrestle back with you!  He is such a bundle of joy!-that sometimes I can't keep up with!
Last night I started to feel worse than I have this whole time.  I was nauseous & queazy & dizzy.  I finally figured out I hadn't eaten much all day, but had continued to take my pain meds. every 3-4 hours.  BIG mistake.  My mom had to come get Punkin' & take him home with her for the night, & I passed out in my bed at 8.  I couldn't even think about eating or drinking anything.  I felt OK laying down, but just the process of rolling over to the other side made me dizzy.
I was worried about my throat hurting since I hadn't had any medicine all night long, but my throat held up alright till the morning.  I just had to MAKE myself drink & eat today.  I'm dealing with sinus stuff all up in my head which is causing more problems then my throat!  AHH!  Hopefully it'll all be over with soon!  It's hard taking care of myself & lil Punkin'!  Luckily my mom has been a HUGE help & has been out of school & able to help me take care of him while I can rest & get better!!
I am now ready for Thanksgiving!  I can't wait to eat all the yummy & delicious food!  I think Punkin' will enjoy it all as well!  This kid doesn't say NO to any kind of food!  :P  Everyone is coming to my parent's house this year so I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


yesterday was a pretty chill day.  i felt pretty good most of the day & didn't have much to complain about. punkin' won't lay down to take a nap on his own @ KeeKee & Pops, so to finally get him to lay down @ 1 o'clock...i laid down with him.  4 hours later around 5, we woke from our sleep & it was already dark outside!

i had eaten a couple puddings, and some water all day, i was needing something filling.  mom ordered us some pizza & luckily i was able to scarf that down!  we watched the last song (not my favorite nicholas sparks movie) and grown ups.  punkin stayed up till 12 just because he won't lay himself down over there!  if his crib was over there he might!  he's a wild child!  but as soon as i laid down with him, all was good!  i got to take a shower & that was nice...as long as no one's touching my throat & i'm not turning myself upside down, i seem to be fine!  & as long as i'm watching the clock & taking my meds every 3-4 hours.

i didn't know i was "incubated"  until this morning.  no wonder the top of my throat hurt yesterday & not just the sides.  i guess i shoulda known, but no one told me.

pop's killed an 8 point!  he said it's the biggest one he's ever killed!  go pops!!  uncle G left on the boat yesterday around 5.  did he bother to send his dear sweet parents or sister a cool pic?  no...he's way too cool for that.  hope he's having fun, since we won't even hear from him till saturday!

punkin & I ventured back across the street this morning.  my recovery hasn't been that bad so i think we can manage it on our own!  i am ready to get out & about though...even though the roomie says i probably shouldn't drive being on the drugs i'm on.

it's hard to believe it's already thanksgiving week!  ECKK!  where has the time gone?  punkin is sportin one of his thanksgiving shirts today...even though we're not going any where!  ha!

punkin has started to try & repeat alot of things such as, KeeKee, good, Jesus, Pah-Pah-Pah (P sound) Pops!  This makes me so proud, even though it doesn't always come out sounding right, you can tell he's trying!  =)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

today was the day...

I stayed up till midnight packing bags for me & Punkin' to stay with my parents for a few days while I recovered.  I had set my alarm for 630 cause I had to be at the hospital at 745 for surgery at 9!

Well...at 738 I woke up to my mom BANGING on my window with a stick!  OMG.  I had set my alarm for PM instead of am.  This is SO not like me at.all.  Luckily I had set my clothes out the night before & threw them on, brushed  my teeth & hit the door!

Got there, got checked in.  Saw an empty little baby seat in the waiting room & knew a lil baby was in the back having surgery & it just made me so sad.  : /  I'd rather it be me every day than my sweet baby.  I can't imagine...

They called me back there, asked me some questions that it feels like you've answered a MILLION times in your life time, had me change into a gown & wait.  I was in one big room with curtain dividers.  I bet there were 8-10 "rooms".  I guess I just didn't know what to expect...but this was not it!  I saw them wheel bad a boy at one point...KINDA freaked me out but that was it.

Talked with my anesthesiologist, nurse got me some nausea & anti anxiety medicine in my IV & waited some more!  Around 9 they wheeled me back to a room.  I tried not to look around because it reminded me of Grey's TOO much & it was FREEZING!  AHHH...I do not do well with cold.  They threw me over on another bed and bundled me up liked a burrito!  They put the gas mask on me & started asking me questions...the last one I remember was "What are you asking Santa for for Christmas?"  HA!

I woke up an hour or so later & couldn't remembered anything...I guess I kinda expected to!  I didn't feel bad either!  I wanted some good drugs in my IV but they didn't give me any...

They checked me out & told me what to do & what not & we were on our way!  We ran by the pharmacy & came home & I crawled in mom's guest bed!

I was ready to see my lil Punkin'!  He had eaten breakfast & gotten dressed for the day with Miss Amy & then played with Pops all morning outside!

I have felt not so bad today...I guess I've been through this pain twice before WHILE my body was fighting infection so this is SO much better than before!

As long as I'm taking my meds in a timely order!  Naynee was in town & came by & brought me some lil pint size ice cream!  Perfect!!  All I've had today was 2 delight yogurts, 1 pudding, 1 jello & actually a bean burrito from TB in VERY small pieces & VERY slowly!  & LOTS of water....uhh!  This girl LIKES her food so this is gonna be TOUGH!

I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents to both take off work today to be able to take care of me & my little Punkin!  I don't know what I would do without them...I am truly blessed!

Uncle G left just a little while ago to spend the night with JT cause their leaving for Miami in the morning to hop on the Oasis of the Seas tomorrow night...only the BIGGEST cruise ship in the world!  All I have to say is he better bring home his sister a T shirt!  Last trip he went on with a friend he pulled out a cute pink Lulu's shirt & I was like, "Oh G!  Thank you so much!  That's so cute!"  He just looked at me & said, "This isn't for you...it's for Caitlyn"  AKA-his girlfriend!  AHHHH....so he better be getting TWO this next time!  :P   We love Uncle G & will surely miss him this Thanksgiving even though he'll be having the time of his life!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pumpkin Bars...


4 eggs

1 2/3 cup sugar

1 cup oil

1 (16 oz.) can pumpkin

2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

1 can of whipped cream cheese frosting (not pictured)
This is the "special" stuff you'll need to bake...
In large mixing bowl, beat together eggs, sugar, oil (I used coconut oil) & pumpkin until light & fluffy
In a separate smaller bowl, stir together flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt & baking soda.
Blend together...
Add second mixture to the pumpkin mixture & mix thoroughly...
Grease pan with non-stick baking spray...
Pour batter into desired pan...(it took 1 & 1/2 of this pan to use all the batter)
Bake @ 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes
Bad pic...but I didn't have a cooling rack so I just popped them out on a cookie tray to cool!
I just used a can of whipped cream cheese frosting & frosted the tops!
All done!  Great with a cup of coffee in the mornings, or even just a snack!

Punkin' at the Park!

All weekend I was busy painting our kitchen table (pics to come soon!)  Punkin' spend Sunday afternoon with his daddy & I think they had a good time as always!  Punkin' sleeps great on Sunday nights!  :P  

Monday I decided we would venture out to the park before it gets TOO cold!  Punkin' was so glad to be able to run wild & free!  I had to steer him away from all the girls so he wouldn't hug them!

Funny story:  Jake took him over to a friend's house on Sunday & Ryder LOOOOVED Jake's friend's girlfriend!!  He followed her EVERYWHERE & would point to her & hug her & just got so giddy when she would play with him!  I see this being a problem in the future...!

Oh yeah...& here's the new hair cut.  Pretty short huh?  For my Punkin' @ least...

I had to come home from class early today because Punkin' was just screaming blood murder with MB & wouldn't stop, nothing pleased him, & this is so not like my sweet boy!  I should have known that it was a simple diaper rash!  But as soon as I got here, he was better!  I thought it was just his cold that he has..runny nose, watery eyes & sneezing all the time!  But no....a diaper rash!  I don't know whether to be happy or sad!  :P

I invited over my parents tonight for some crock pot chili!  YUMMY!  My first batch of the season!  I hope Punkin' gets better soon before my surgery on Friday!  ECCKK!