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Friday, November 5, 2010

Playing Outside & Some Stories!

When I came home from lab yesterday Punkin & MB were outside playing!  He loves being outside (when it's not too cold!) & I was planning on taking him for a walk, so it was GREAT!

Some funny stories I want to remember:

When I pick Drue up from school on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, she gets a bowl of "big" (regular) goldfish & Ryder gets a bowl of "baby" goldfish.  He can't have the bowl to himself because he will shove every.single.one in his mouth & once, so usually Drue just give him one at a time while she's watching TV & he's playing in the living room.

He signs "more" when he wants another one.  Well..a few hours after I had fixed him the snack, & he wasn't really asking for any more any more.  We were all in the kitchen area & Ryder wasn't, & it was too.quiet!  I walked into the living room & he was helping himself to the bowl of baby goldfish!  SHOVING them in his mouth!  The SECOND he saw me he ran to me, spit them out & handed them to me!  They were still all whole but they were a big soggy!
I was up late studying for a test & he woke up.  What to do?  I put him in bed with me & turned off the lamp on my night stand & turned on my flashlight app on my phone.  I had my knees propped up with what I was studying & put my phone kinda under my chin.  Well, this made everything cast up on the ceiling as BIG shadows.  He laid there & instead of going to sleep just watched the shadows in AWW.  

So...crazy/bad/funny mom me, thought I'd see if he got scared of my hand if I made it into a bear claw shape (which looked like a BIGGGGO scary monster thing on the ceiling) & growl & see what he did!  (I know I'm a terrible mother...but I couldn't resist!  :P)

So...I did it!  He screamed squealed like a little girl & buried his face into my neck!  It was adorable to say the least.  I only did it once!  Ha!  He gets scared of a lot of things like this (fire trucks driving by, my car alarm, door bell, phone ringing etc.) so I guess I'm trying to break it!  :P
Hope you have a wonderful, fun, officially fall weather weekend!!


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  1. Hey Kati! I'm so glad you 'found' me again and got all caught up! :) Yes, it does seem like it was just yesterday when I was a 'newlywed' with no children...can't believe I'm already a mother of 3!! I love your blog and getting to keep up with you and Ryder too!! He is absolutely precious and truly the CUTEST little boy!! You are a wonderful mother...he is one blessed boy!!!


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