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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Project 365...Week 38

{September 16}
 He says Tang is his "iPad buddy"--playing together in Mommy's bed before getting ready for church

{September 17}
 It was a rainy morning so I let him wear his rain boots to school!  ;)  This was afterwards on a little trip to Target...he asked me to take him & Woody's picture!  :P

{September 18}
 Headed to school...Got the whole gang that AM!

{September 19}
 Riding his bike @ Mimi's before heading out to school...!

{September 20}
 Lil fair trip after school to see the animals...& get a sign for the yard!  ;)

{September 21}
 He loves Laura's Family Goods!  Sometimes I just take him so he can play!  :P

{September 22}
First UCA Football game & loving every minute of it!  


R's Birthday Party @ Mama D's

When I first started planning Ryder's birthday party early this year I asked him where he wanted to have his party & he said without hesitation "Mama D's house..."  Okay--well...!  So I called Mama D to tell her because I knew it would mean so much to her!  Not that we were going to have his party there, but I wanted her to know that he said that!  Well after his Sonshine party with friends & his family party & Mimi's AND his party at Snuggle Bug with all his classmates, Mama D wanted to have a party for him at her house, just like he requested!  :P  It was just me & my parents & R...& of course MacKenzie & Morgan!  We had a big time!  Mama D made some DELICIOUS Louisiana gumbo and oh my worrrd...SO good!

Little man got his favorite meal...mac and cheese and hot dog & a juice box!  ;)
He is crazy about his MacKenzie!

Toy Story plate set! SO cute! 
R got a little taste of his first ice cream cake!  He was so excited!

Thank you Mama D for loving my lil man like he's your own grandson!  We are so thankful for you & all you do for us!  =)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dr. Ryder-

R is really in to Doc McStuffin's on Disney Junior...so he ended up asking for a Dr. kit for his birthday.  I found an exact one form the show on Amazon but it was pink & purple & glittery...umm no!!  Ha!  So KeeKee ended up finding him a good one at once again our favorite toy store!  
The other night before bed...I was teaching him how to use all the tools & Tang was our patient!

Such sweet & precious memories with my little man that I don't ever want to forget!  =)

Maybe one day he'll be a Dr. & be able to take good care of his Mama!  ;)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carnival Party

Ryder had a carnival birthday party to attend on Sunday, so on Friday we ran in his favorite toy store to play a little bit & pick out something for the birthday girl!
Let's just say...I am COMPLETELY lost when it comes to why to buy for a little girl!  I never thought I would be "that" boy mom that was so girl-mom clueless!  :P

R always has a blast in there & even made Caroline a "birthday cake!"

R had a blast!  It was kinda a block party...there was a son cone truck, sand pile, riding toys, multiple jump houses, and multiple kids celebrating their birthdays!  Each child had their own little tent with a table for presents etc.  There was popcorn, water & cupcakes too!  R seriously loved it!

With the birthday girl--Caroline!  She is five...& he is three!  Same size!  Ha!
Of course he ate all the icing off of the cupcake & then threw the rest away!  & then he had to have a clown nose!  Too funny!  ;)

Such a fun & beautiful afternoon!  The weather was PERFECT!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

R's First UCA Football Game!

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Mommy's school to do a little tailgatin' with Poppy's bank before the big game against Sam Houston!  We even got to see Uncle G & all his buddies which is always fun!  R loves them so much & we don't get to see them as much now that G doesn't live at home.  

I've taken him to tailgate before, but we've never actually made it into the game...but we conquered that adventure on Saturday!  

He was seriously soaking it UP before the game even started!  Let's just say he loves the cheerleaders & the band!--could actually care less about the football players!  :P
Singing the National Anthem...

{Please ignore the popcorn KM :O--KeeKee let him have it once & told him not to tell me...so now he loves it!  ;) :P }
By halftime...this is what he was doing!  So...we watched the band & left!  It was a great experience though & I'm glad I took him!  We might even make it back this year for another one!