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Friday, September 7, 2012

What we've been up to...

It doesn't seem like much has been going on with us...but it sure does always feel like we are awfully busy!!  Before I know it, each week is over & it's time for us to relax for a few days & then get back at it again!  Anybody else feel that way??

Here's a little bit of what our weeks look like...

Taking sweet boy to school with my coffee!  =)
 Mommy taking notes for what feels like ALL DAY!  :0
Trudging around campus in Hurricane Isaac..nasty, wet, rainy & cold!  
 A few late night homework/blogging/tweeting sessions!  :P
 Wrapping presents for Ryder's friends' Birthdays at school!
 Fridays are mail days at Snuggle Bug...& you can send a treat for all the kiddos if you want!  They all go out to the mailbox before nap time & get their "mail" & then are all read their individual letters before laying down for nap time.  This is also a great way to keep a little journal for them while they are in school.  

Enjoying a beautiful lighting show from the aftermath of Isaac on the way home from LR with the top down...
 Doing some reading in Proverbs with #shereadstruth --I don't want it to end!!
  & a little bit more of homework time...this time at Starbucks while R was at Puggles (AWANA) before my Bible Study starts back up next week...
&...is this really happening???   :(

Nothing too exciting really...but it's what we do!  =)  Happy Friday friends!


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