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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Randoms

Just a few random things from our week....I can't squeeze it all into Project 365!

I'm not one to brag/post about grades because I usually, honestly don't do so hott--but this was a test for a teacher that everyone warned about because they had had him the previous semester--& said his tests were so random and you never knew what to expect!  Well, I didn't quite get to the study as much as I would have normally wanted because of all of Ryder's birthday festivities...BUTT I still made one of the highest grades in the class!--Not to shabby for me!  ;) & it ended up being an A...so even better!  {All my nurse-y friends will probably look at this & think it's the easiest test EVER, but hey!--I'm just trying to be a middle school teacher!  ;)}
Miss Holly from The Doughmestic Housewife makes some of the most fabulous iced sugar cookies!  I love just about every single of one of them...but this one might be my new favorite!  I can't wait to have to order a batch from her someday for a shower or party!  ;)  She can honestly...do it all!!
I don't know if I've ever shared this picture before....but I LOVE it!  It's from Luke & Tonya's wedding photo booth back in May & I think he just looks so sweet & innocent.
I printed this last weekend to save for a later date to see what Ryder could do & he wanted it then.  Next thing I know he had done the whole thing...He's been in school 5 weeks people & I am seriously SO impressed!  & he JUST turned 3!  We sure do LOVE Snuggle Bug!  =)
Some late nights at the computer with my planner & DC working on my lesson plans!  ;)
I have always wanted to believe that Nelly the Lockness Monster is TOOOTALLY real-my friend who "believes" too sent me this the other day!  Couldn't help but laugh! ;)
Got out my Fall wreath the other day...this might be all the Fall decor I get around to, but that's okay!  It's one of my most favorite wreaths I've ever made!
R drew a "giant" on our pantry door the other day.  My mom was impressed when she saw it & said that it's very common at that age to not draw bodies on stick people, just a head & legs!  Ha!  Pretty funny!
Just a typical day in my Advanced Science Concepts class...we were all given tubes & some of us were infected (I was not...) we went around & shared some of our "germs" with other people...and & ended up getting "infected"!  Hence the pink tint at the top!  Ha!  I was a little upset about it too!

Hope y'all have a wonderful Saturday on this first day of FALL!  How nice & enjoyable!  =)


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