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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ramblin' Thursday

  • Today was a fabulous day!  I had my first lesson observation in my fifth grade classroom!  It seriously couldn't have gone any better!  I had a blast teaching & my students did GREAT!  
  • Wanted to share a neat little story.  So for the passed week I was going to use a SMARTboard lesson from online as part of my lesson.  But last night I decided last minute, I didn't want to use it & just wanted to make my own Power Point, because it would practically be the same thing...but better!  ;)  So I stayed up doing that.  This morning, I was like, "Oh, I'll just e mail it to myself & pull it up on the computer at school."  Then I told myself, "No, put it on your flash drive just to be safe."  So...I get to school.  An announcement is made saying that internet is down and it will be for the remainder of the day.  BOY was I glad I had a) decided to make my own PP & b) put it on a flash drive.  I told my mentor teacher...and she said, "Are you a Believer?"  I said, "Yes mam."  She said..."That was the Holy Spirit taking care of you!"   I LOVED that & it meant so much to me that she even said it!  It hadn't crossed my mind that way yet, just the fact that I was lucky.  But I wasn't lucky, I was taken care of.
  • I picked R up from school as soon as I got back into town....he was happy to see me!  We came straight home & laid down for a 2 hour nap (what he regularly takes at school...& when he doesn't have one now, it's bad!) before going to get his hair cut with Ms. Jennifer!
  • We got to have dinner with Mr. Kyle at Chick which was so much fun & so good to see him!  =)
  • Ryder had Puggles tonight & I went to my Daniel Bible Study which is just...amazing already.  
  • I plan on taking R to the fair tomorrow night after school just to see the animals...but we'll see how it goes!  I've never had the chance to take him before put I'm pretty sure he'll love it!
  • We don't really have any big plans this weekend, but I'm just looking forward to a little bit of relaxation with my sweet boy!
  • Hope you guys are having an enjoyable week!  This was just a little brain dump for ya!  ;)


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