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Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday Fun!

Last Saturday me & Punkin had a fun day together!  We got up & around, made some towers & cinnamon rolls & then we headed out to Miss Brooklyn's third birthday!  Ryder had a good time & it was good to visit with some friends I don't always see!

Afterwards we went to a fun (and AMAZIIIIING) toy store here in town!  I am honestly sad to say that that was our first time...Ryder had been before with Poppy, but I hadn't!  Me & mom ended up getting him a couple of things for his birthday from there!  SUCH a neat store!

 {Birthday girl!-They are only a few days apart!}
 {Princess crown!  Ha!  ;)}

Saturdays are such a special time with my little man!  =)


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