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Friday, September 14, 2012

Ryder's 3rd Birthday {Friends}

I am so thankful that all of R's friends could make it to his party!  So what if they are all girls!  :P  A few of them are from church & gymnastics & then a few girls were in his MDO class last year that we haven't even seen since May--so it was so good to see them again & man have they grown up!

It was so nice to have Tonya & Christina here to help me!  We had fun Friday night staying up chatting & catching up on life & they were a HUGE help on Saturday morning & I definitely couldn't have done it all without them!
Zoe--from MDO last year!
Ainsley--one of Jake's friend's little girl.  I was so glad she still made it even with her little handicap!
Crazy child...I didn't like him doing this without someone helping him, but this is what they do in class!

All the friends!  Aidan, Ben, Sterling, Karleigh, Brooklyn, Karson, Zoe, Az, Ryder, Hannah & Jordyn
Fuzzy...but I think this pic is funny!

Fuzzy too (my camera SUCKS...) but it's a good pic of me & KeeKee!

He put his arms around our necks like that...which I thought was so sweet!  =)

Crazy cousins!!

Such a fun party with fun friends!  So blessed to have had all of them there to help celebrate Ryder's birthday!

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