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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project 365...Week 35

{August 26}
 Tired little boy after coming home from his Dad's house...

{August 27}
On his way home from school...Mommy stopped & got him a sweet tea on the way!

{August 28}
Little night time joy riding at Mimi & Pawpaw's!  Im cracking up at the boots!

{August 29}
 His first night at Puggles!  We at at Chick with KeeKee & Poppy before hand!

{August 30}
 Bed time snuggles on the couch...except he made me sit on the opposite end.  :(

{August 31}
 Headed to school with his birthday gift for Gracie, crazy rainy day on campus thanks to Isaac, I took him to get a treat at Maggie's after school for staying on green ALL week!  & building towers after a bath before bed!

{September 1}
Big day!--We went to Brooklyn's 3rd birthday party & then did a little looking around at Laura's Family Goods...he LOVES that place!  He stayed with KeeKee Saturday night & fell asleep on the way home from dinner & then helped her make homemade chocolate chip cookies!

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