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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ryder's Birthday Day...

Sweet baby fell asleep in my office like this while watching TV the night before his 3rd birthday!
Has it REALLY been three WHOLE years?
I let him open presents before church...
We ran into two of our favorite ladies!  Mama D & MacKenzie!
Holding up 3 fingers for his third birthday!

We went out to Mimi's for his big family extravaganza...
We both passed out on the way home...& KeeKee snapped this picture of us! ;)
Wearing his birthday hat while brushing his teeth after a LOOONG, but wonderful birthday!  Cheesin'!
Sweet boy was OUT!  Sleeping with his birthday hat & trumpet!  It was a GOOD day!  =)

Happy 3rd birthday sweet boy!  I am so glad that you are MINE!  =)

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