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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just some randoms...

 R playing out in KeeKee & Poppy's tree!  Uncle G used to climb this tree when he was little!
 One of my favorite pictures of me & parents!--From a wedding back in June!
 UMM...HELLO!!  ;)
 He seriously LOVES the toy store here in town!  I just wish I could afford one of everything in there for him!  He has a blast when we go!
 He is always so thirsty after I pick him up from school...so I usually try & have a Sonic drink waiting for him in the car!
 At Mimi's before going to school!  His crazy binoculars!
& this is what happens when mommy goes & picks you up from school early because she misses you & you don't get a nap in!  :P  He fell asleep on the way to dinner & Puggles the other night!  Poor baby!
No....I did not buy these for my {soon to be} three year old.  I bought them for myself...to try & redeem the fact that I had coaches for History my whole HS career & can maybe name 15...TOTAL.  Sad, I know.  At least I can admit it!  :P  Gonna try & see what I can learn!  ;)

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