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Monday, May 4, 2015

what i've learned about/from relationshps

I don't know everything about relationships, but I have learned a few things over the years.

There are a lot of important pieces of the puzzle that are required for a relationship to work...and I've learned that when you have one of those pieces, it's not always worth it to hang on to the relationship because of that one amazing puzzle piece.

I've learned that it's better to be single, than to be in a relationship that has a couple of the right pieces, but not all of them.

I've also learned that you are NOT ready to be in a relationship, until you are completely OK and happy with being single.  If "being in a relationship" is something that you think about all the time, and completely consumes your thoughts, your probably not ready to be in a relationship anyways!  

Being treated like a "princess" is every girl's dream.  For her man to give her everything (emotionally & materialistically) she ever wanted and more.  For him to be constantly thinking about her and how he can make her happy.  I've been in relationships like that before.  Relationships that if I would have stayed in, I could have probably had anything I ever wanted...and more.  The perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, all the vacations I've dreamed about...and that Suburban full of kids I've always wanted.  But, would those "things" be what would ultimately make me HAPPY.  Absolutely not.    

I could have taken those couple pieces of the puzzle that would have made me some-what "happy" and ran with it.  But luckily I saw that some of the other important pieces of the puzzle, were missing.  All of those "things" would make me look happy on the outside, but they sure wouldn't make me happy on the inside.

Sometimes it's so hard to LET GO.  And...it's even harder to let go of GOOD THINGS.  Things you've always wanted and always dreamed about.  It's even harder to let go of those good things when there isn't particularly anything "bad" that is pushing you away...

Also...I've also learned that as women entering into a relationship, we are to accept that man for who.he.is.  It isn't our job and shouldn't be our goal to change him into who WE want him to be.  That's just now how it works...and it's not even worth the try.  You shouldn't want to be with someone who you want to change.  That doesn't even make sense.  If you want to change him, then you don't need to be with him.

Same for vice-versa.  If he wants to change you...you don't need to be with him.  I've sadly watch this happen to too many people and  

A man's words to a woman he loves and wants to be with should never be degrading.  It's one thing to think certain things, but it's a whole different story to say them out loud.  Words may not seem like something that is "damaging" because the damage can't be seen with the visible eye.  Just because he isn't making marks on you physically, where other people can see...doesn't mean he's not making marks on your heart.  If he's making marks on your heart, then it should be good marks not bad ones!!!

I could go on...but I'll stop there.  I'd love to hear different things that YOU'VE learned about and from past relationships!  We all have different paths and different relationship experiences.  I've found that I've learned more from living through MY relationships, rather than learning things from my friends' relationships.  We all have to make our OWN mistakes and learn from them, I guess you could say!     
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

down on the farm...

One more update I failed to post about from Spring Break.  Ryder ended up going to the farm with Poppy, Korlin & one of his friends, Darrell.  It was a little chillier than it should have been, but they still had fun as always!

Doesn't he look like a happy fisherman!?
That is a bald eagle with it's nest!  How cool!

I'm so thankful R gets to grow up going to the farm just like Uncle G got to do!  It is a special place to him already and it's only going to grow on him!
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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

lake house over spring break

We didn't have any major plans for Spring Break and were so excited when Pooh invited us to stay with her for a few days at her Lake House!--How can we say no to that?!  We love her, and we love the Lake House!
Shopping with these two...at 9 PM is a complete disaster.  
R and I enjoyed morning walks around the neighborhood (with coffee in hand of course!) almost every morning we were there!
My favorite thing to do was sit out on the deck, over looking the lake and doing my Quiet Time.  Since it was during LENT I had so much goodness to soak in while participating in She Reads Truth's "Near the Cross" study...(still want to do a full recap on that soon).  
Lunch with my love!
Pooh introduced someone to bomb pops!!
We decided to do something fishing...which basically turned into hanging out on the lake out in our lawn chairs and soaking up with sun.  

This is his, "I'm in time out for doing something cray like trying to get in the lake in my muck boots, and I'm not happy about it" face.  
One of my requirement for the week was to go to SCOOPS.  Success!!

Another morning walk...this time R asked me, "Why don't you ever run mom?  Is that something only men do?"  Yeah...that's why! ;)
He is definitely spoiled by Pooh.  McDonald's pancakes delivery!  
I think he enjoyed my hammock more than I did that week!  Great spot for playing his iPad! ;)
More fitchin'!  
That turned into this...
We were so thankful for our time away from this crazy busy every day world called "life" to enjoy each other and everything God has blessed us with!  Thank you Pooh for your friendship!  
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

visit to aunt dean's

Mid March...Aunt Dean was going to be celebrating her 91st birthday, so we planned a day to go and visit her!  She is my dad's mom (whom I never met)'s sister.  She never had kids of her own, so my dad and his sister were like "her kids".  She lives in her home semi-independently which is still so amazing to me!  We don't get to see her often, but it's always an enjoyable time when we do.  I'm so thankful she has gotten to see Ryder as much as she has.

Poppy fell asleep using Ryder as his pillow!
I made many memories on this porch growing up...now it's this guy's time! 
Ryder brought these flowers in for Aunt Dean...so I put them in the most perfect southern vase for her to enjoy! 
Aunt Dean has always been known for her chocolate cake.  When my mom and dad first got married, my mom tried SOO many different "homemade" chocolate cake recipes for my dad trying to make them as good as Aunt Dean's.  She never succeeded and finally had the guts to ask Aunt Dean for her recipe.  Aunt Dean told her "Oh honey...that's just Dunkan Hines cake mix!"  ...and now we know!

Up until the last couple of years, we never made a visit to see her and Uncle Joe without finding a freshly made, uncut chocolate cake, hidden underneath the lid, waiting for us when we got there.  Now we bring our own to carry on the tradition!  I'd like to say my mom's are just as good, but that might be a lie! ;)

I rarely drink milk...but when I do, it's always with a piece of chocolate cake! =)
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Monday, April 13, 2015

watchin' the ponies run

Every year, my aunt, Linda Sue throws a fun St. Patty's day party at the races.  Before this party, we had never been...but now it's something we look forward to each March.  It's a great time of fellowship with friends and family...and a lil pony fun! ;)
Back story...I can't go to Oaklawn without driving by this Best Western and the one particular room you can see below.  
During Senior year of High School, me and my best friends got to go on a field trip for Skills USA with photography and that top corner room was ours.  Let me just say...don't ever waste your money on staying there!  I still can't believe our school put us up there!  :P  
While we were away...R was at the farm doing this!  
"Shooting this sun"--even though he's been advised not to look at the sun, even with sunglasses on!!

Number 4 obviously lost his jockey!!--so of course he won the race!  Ha!  (even though you can't technically win without a jockey)
I guess I failed to get any pictures of the family...but these will do!  Happy Monday friends!  =)
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