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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Toad Suck Daze 2015

For the most part...we love Toad Suck Daze!  I do try and go when the crowds are the smallest, but we are there non the less!  We didn't make it last year because of the rain...but you better believe R didn't let me forget about it this year! :P
You have to get your Toad Suck shirt before the festival, so that you can wear it to school/work the Friday of! ;)  That's just how it works... 
I love this flash back from two years ago...of him catching a toad at Mimi's! 
You can't go downtown for a festival, and not stop by Blue Sail for some coffee! =) DUH!

I gave R a certain amount of $/Toad Bucks...and he did what he wanted to do with them.

Three years ago in front of the Toad Store!
That night we went to a social with my Sunday School class...R always has fun with Mickey!  
Another throwback...three years ago with his Toad hat on from MDO!  Love that wild child!

R is already asking "When will Toad Suck be back??"  Ahhh!!  After Christmas Ryder!!! ;)
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a flower crown from my boy

In an attempt to get caught up on this here lil blog before the end of summer.  We'll see.  Here goes.

R made me a flower crown at school one day, which I thought was so sweet...tape and all.  

Unprompted snuggle-sesh...I'll take it. 
Some days...you just need a Starbucks after work. 
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bear Naked Granola

Fresh fruit, yogurt and granola is one of my favorite breakfast or snack combos.  I recieved Bear Naked granola from Influenster for testing purposes in the Blossom Vox Box.

The "coconut almond" got my attention, but the "curry" threw me off a bit.  Upon pairing the granola with farmer's market raspberries and yoplait light raspberry yogurt...my initial though about the curry was correct.  The coconut and almond tastes were delicious, but the curry made the whole sweetness of this treat completely messed up...I was a bit disappointed and upset, because I could tell the potential it had--just without the curry!

The Sea Salt Caramel Apple one was much better suited for me and how I wanted to use my granola!  I ate it mixed with a little bit of Almond/Coconut milk...making it a little soggy and very enjoyable as a "cereal".

I found Bear Naked in my local Neighborhood Market in the protein power/health good stuff for $1.19...pick up a packet or two to try today!    

Products courtesy of Influenster, but all opinions are my own.
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

summer recap days 1 & 2


Man, have I missed blogging!  Happy to be back!

It's officially day 4 of summer, but since our first two days were a Thursday and a Friday, I didn't feel like summer REALLY started until Monday--which was yesterday!  Our first FULL week of summer! =)

Yesterday started off with a BANG, which is why I've decided to blog about my/our days.  So far, they have been too comical not to share, and I want to be able to look back on them and laugh.

I know that Ryder won't always be "little" and "stuck" hanging out with his mom all.summer.long.  He'll be off with his friends doing his own thing, wanting me to just drop them off at the pool, and not stay and "hang out" and "work on my tan".

Last summer, R still went to "school" everyday until after lunch/before nap...I had to pay for it anyways to keep his spot for the upcoming school year, but that's not the case any more.  So, he is stuck with me all day, 'er day....poor guy! ;)

We...or more like I am trying to create a routine, but that's just so hard to do when we can totally be "fly by the seat of your pants" during these days.  

My last day was Wednesday, but my whole entire room had to be packed up and I didn't get it quite finished, so I had to go back up there on Thursday (which wasn't TOO bad).  This was R's last day of school, because he had graduation that night.

So Friday OFFICIALLY kicked things off for both of us!  

I laid down with him at 1 PM to take a nap, and no lie...we both woke up at 4:45 PM!  We both obviously needed to catch up on some sleep, and I was NOT complaining!  =)

After our nap, I spent some name in the hammock, and R road his bike at KeeKee & Poppy's before having some grilled hot dogs to officially kick off SUMMER!!

My last few days of school and first couple of days of summer, we got to babysit this sweet girl!  Her name is Q and I am NOT a dog person...but this lil one stole my heart!  R's too!  I offered to keep her while a friend of mine left the state unexpectedly.  We'd keep her around if we could!  She was the sweetest lil cuddle dog...and to think I actually made her sleep in her kennel the first night!! ;)

Day 1:

Everyone always tells R he has a "kind heart" and that is true.  99% of the time...example above.  But there IS that 1% he is ALL BOY and not so much "kind hearted" like they say! 
Point proven yesterday as I walked out the back door to find him PEEING ON Q.  Poor dog!  He acted like she "got in his way" at first...but I didn't believe THAT for a minute!!  He told me he "didn't think I would ever know about it".  Little do you know buddy! :P

So...I made him give her a bath outside (when we had JUST given her one the day before!) which turned into ME giving her a bath.  I did NOT have time for that, but I had to make time...

I was going to spank him again, but then I told him he was going to have to tell Mr. Nick what he did to his dog and that seemed to be enough punishment for him.  But seriously?  Who pees on a dog?!!  
I am facilitating a bible study/small group/get together of ladies on Monday nights with a group of ladies who are doing She Reads Truth's Women in the Word together, and Monday night was our first night.  I made my fav sugar cookie fruit pizzas and some dip for everybody to enjoy!  They seemed to be big hits!  

I went to bed after the first day of summer thinking "this is gonna be a LOONG summer if it is anything like today!!"  But...again, I am trying to be thankful and make the most out of each of these days with my lil guy!  So we woke up to a clean slate, which I am so thankful for!

Day 2:
 Coffee date at Blue Sail with Allie on her day off starting things off on the right foot...
 We were walking out...and it was about lunch time, and saw all the food truck park trucks set up down the road, so we decided to hit them up for lunch!  We needed cash, so we just walked to the bank to get some...it all worked out!  Made me love my lil downtown even more!  

R went with the hot dog which he LOVED, and I went with the fajita tacos!  OMG...I'll be back for more.  They were $1.75 a taco--can't beat that!!
From there, I had an eye appointment...not much has changed, but got some new contacts.  We were right by Poppy's bank, so we stopped in there for a little bit, and I charged my phone....story of my life.  Then since we were half way there...we hit up Target to exchange some stuff and get something I needed.  But who needs an excuse to go to Target?!
R behaved...meaning he didn't push the cart into anyone's heels, so he got an ICEE before we left.  I am not an ICEE person, and I kinda always wish I was.  :( 
I wrapped up the evening at Tacos 4 Life with my mom and two of her best friends.  We were celebrating her "resignment"/retirement!  It was nice to sit and visit with grown ups...REAL grown ups at that!  I'm just thankful they let me tag along! ;)

We've got a busy weekend ahead, but a FUN one.  Here's to doing spontaneous things last minute! ;)
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Monday, May 4, 2015

what i've learned about/from relationshps

I don't know everything about relationships, but I have learned a few things over the years.

There are a lot of important pieces of the puzzle that are required for a relationship to work...and I've learned that when you have one of those pieces, it's not always worth it to hang on to the relationship because of that one amazing puzzle piece.

I've learned that it's better to be single, than to be in a relationship that has a couple of the right pieces, but not all of them.

I've also learned that you are NOT ready to be in a relationship, until you are completely OK and happy with being single.  If "being in a relationship" is something that you think about all the time, and completely consumes your thoughts, your probably not ready to be in a relationship anyways!  

Being treated like a "princess" is every girl's dream.  For her man to give her everything (emotionally & materialistically) she ever wanted and more.  For him to be constantly thinking about her and how he can make her happy.  I've been in relationships like that before.  Relationships that if I would have stayed in, I could have probably had anything I ever wanted...and more.  The perfect house in the perfect neighborhood, all the vacations I've dreamed about...and that Suburban full of kids I've always wanted.  But, would those "things" be what would ultimately make me HAPPY.  Absolutely not.    

I could have taken those couple pieces of the puzzle that would have made me some-what "happy" and ran with it.  But luckily I saw that some of the other important pieces of the puzzle, were missing.  All of those "things" would make me look happy on the outside, but they sure wouldn't make me happy on the inside.

Sometimes it's so hard to LET GO.  And...it's even harder to let go of GOOD THINGS.  Things you've always wanted and always dreamed about.  It's even harder to let go of those good things when there isn't particularly anything "bad" that is pushing you away...

Also...I've also learned that as women entering into a relationship, we are to accept that man for who.he.is.  It isn't our job and shouldn't be our goal to change him into who WE want him to be.  That's just now how it works...and it's not even worth the try.  You shouldn't want to be with someone who you want to change.  That doesn't even make sense.  If you want to change him, then you don't need to be with him.

Same for vice-versa.  If he wants to change you...you don't need to be with him.  I've sadly watch this happen to too many people and  

A man's words to a woman he loves and wants to be with should never be degrading.  It's one thing to think certain things, but it's a whole different story to say them out loud.  Words may not seem like something that is "damaging" because the damage can't be seen with the visible eye.  Just because he isn't making marks on you physically, where other people can see...doesn't mean he's not making marks on your heart.  If he's making marks on your heart, then it should be good marks not bad ones!!!

I could go on...but I'll stop there.  I'd love to hear different things that YOU'VE learned about and from past relationships!  We all have different paths and different relationship experiences.  I've found that I've learned more from living through MY relationships, rather than learning things from my friends' relationships.  We all have to make our OWN mistakes and learn from them, I guess you could say!     
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