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Saturday, November 22, 2014

national hair donation day

Today is National Hair Donation Day!  I thought I would celebrate, since I've donated my hair twice now...and one of those times being here recently!  Both time I've been a random spur of the moment type thing...I was growing it out to donate, but I didn't have a date or length set.  I just knew I would be ready when I was ready--and that's how it happened!  
The first time I did it was in the summer of 2008.  This was the summer after my Freshmen year of college.  I hate to admit, but I'm pretty sure I had gotten in a fight with my boyfriend and he liked my long hair, so that's why I went and cut if off!  [BAD, I know! :P] 

At the pool with Whitters the day I got it cut!  It was a great summer do and change!!

After the pony tail dried...and I was about to mail it off!

This time...I just went in for a cut.  I wanted a few inches off, but I knew I didn't have enough to donate yet...and I didn't want to go super short, just to be able to donate.  But when I told Jennifer where I wanted it cut, she was like "Kati, you have more than enough to donate!"  So we got out the tape measure and she was right!  I guess I had no idea how long my hair really was!  

This time she used a buzzer instead of scissors...she said it gets the job done a lot quicker...because my hair is so thick, and she was right!
I had to "re-learn" how to fix and take care of short hair!  It was an adjustment for sure.  This is what I sent all my friends the day I cut it.  Haha!
This was after a few weeks...when I had finally figured out what I was doing again!  

I highly suggest donating your hair.  It's such an easy and almost effortless thing to do--and it's just hair!!  It will grow back!  I will probably keep my hair short for a while and then be back at growing it out again.  

I always use Locks of Love, but there are plenty of other places that take donations as well.  You can find their Rules and Guidelines for donations HERE.   
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

lasagna soup!

Fall is here!!!  Scratch that--more like WINTER is here!  I think we skipped right on past fall here and are hardcore into winter already.  We've actually already had our first dusting of snow, which usually doesn't happen until late December or January.  

Last week Fancy Ashley posted a picture of a yummy looking Lasagna Soup and I knew I had to try it.  It came from Paula Deen's son, Bobby.  Southern boy's soup recipe...can't go wrong with that!  

Monday afternoon we had family pictures...outside.  Let me remind/tell you that it was 32 degrees out and windy.  There was even some snow still on the ground from the night before!
Here is a sneak peak of some pics Mom took on her own of us...we took professional ones at a different location. 
We were out there for a good 30 minutes...so Blue Sail Coffee was a must on our way home!  

It was the perfect night for Poppy to build a fire and for me to whip up some Lasagna Soup--so that's exactly what we did!!
Any ways...I recommend you try it out for yourself!  You can find the recipe HERE!
Mom, dad & I were all very impressed...and it took less than an hour to make so that was a plus!  

Let me know what you think! =)
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Monday, November 17, 2014

gifts that give back.

I love giving, and buying things that I know the people I love, will love.  We are blessed to live in a world where most of us truly don't "need" anything...but again, it is just so fun to GIVE to be the people we care so much about.  So why not gift them with something that also gives back to people who truly are in need.

Noonday Collection has been all the talk the last few months.  I know a few girls from college that sell it and I admire them for sharing this wonderful pieces of jewelry with us, that we will not only love and have fun wearing, but also help woman in foreign countries earn money to live, and feed their children.  Providing them with sustainable jobs and a livelihood.  Something we all take for granted every day.  
These are my two favorite necklaces...I could seriously see myself wanting to wear the second one EVERY day!  I just love those colors, and especially them together!  I love how it is styled below.  It brings the whole outfit together!  [$84.00]

I wear gold earrings almost every days...but these little dudes caught my eye because they could go with any outfit and they are about the size I like to wear!  They are actually made from cow horn!  How beautiful!  [$28.00] 
My gold obsession also lead me to these.  I'm usually not a studs girl, but I like that these are square!  Perfect when a hoop is just a bit too much...would look great paired with a flash necklace from above.   [$42.00]

I hope you will visit NoonDay Collection's site and see what you can find for the people on your gift lists this year...and maybe a little something for yourself!  ;)

Other gifts that including giving back:

A donation to Heifer International.  Last year Ryder and I were gifted with a donation by someone.  The donation bought a certain number of chickens for a family in a foreign country.  They were able to hatch some of the eggs to give chickens to other neighboring families, as well as have eggs every day to eat and gain proper nutrition.  

TOMS is always a good way to give back.  I'm not a fan of their flat shoes, but I do have a few pairs of their wedges.  And yesterday...Target came out with TOMS for Target which includes everything from clothes, to candles and journals!  That's what I'm talking about!  =)

Happy Shopping Friends!

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

saturday thoughts

Happy Saturday friends!  We don't have much going on...& that's exactly how I like it!  I offered to take R to see the play of Alice and Wonderland at the High School today, but he said he didn't want to go!  He just wants to stay in his new Elf on a Shelf pajamas at home all.day.long!  Who can argue with that?!

I wanted to invite you to join me on Monday as She Reads Truth dives into their latest study "In Everything Give Thanks"  It will lead us all the way up to Thanksgiving and will help us be whole-heartedly thankful during this season of Thanksgiving.  I did a Thanksgiving plan with them a few years ago and loved it so much.  

Remember, there is always the option to order a journal, but it is definitely not required by any means!!  Now, they offer where you can buy JUST the journal instead of the journal AND all the prints with it for a discounted rate, which is what I went with!

And...I can't leave without telling you about the AMAZING deal above!!  TODAY ONLY--Bath and Body Works has FULL size Signature Collection lotions for $3!!  Yes...THREE DOLLARS!!  They are regularly $12.50!!!  

My dad always buys the girls at the bank a travel size lotion for Christmas...and those have gone up to $5 over the years, which is a bit redic if you ask me!  He's been doing that for YEARS and I know the girls always look forward to getting a new lotion for their desk from the "Lotion Fairy"--we thought we were going to have to start doing something else because it had just gotten to be too expensive.  But those ladies are got lucky this year!  LARGE bottles--and for a better deal!  Let's just hope they offer the same deal again next year, or they're gonna be upset!  Ha!

I ordered 26 bottles this morning before 8 AM from the comfort of my bed for less than $100!  Take advantage of this awesome deal!  [PS:  Online has a lot more choices than my store does, including some summer and fall scents, as well as old classics like Japanese Cheery Blossom, Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze!] 
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

following directions

Last spring, I ended up in the ER one night after having some chest pains.  They were every 10 seconds or so and just wouldn't go away.  That probably wouldn't alarm most 24 year olds, but when you never had the chance to meet or know your dad's mom because she died of a heart attack in the shower at age 52...it's something that know you need to get checked out.

I had never been in an x-ray room before, but that's beside the point.  I walked into the room for a chest x-ray.  The tech was on one side of the room and I was on the other.  The x-ray machine was facing him, and he said, "chest on the wall."  & I stood blankly at him, with my back to the wall (instead of the facing the wall, like he had asked me to do).  He said it again, "chest on the wall" and I continued to just stand there looking at him, like "let's do this"...thinking about what he had just said in my head.  Granted, it was midnight by this time...but it finally hit me and I quickly turned around so that my chest was against the wall like he had asked me to do the first time.  I was obviously super embarrassed at my ability to follow simple direction and apologized for my mindlessness.  Luckily he wasn't super annoyed and just laughed it off. 

It made me step back and realize, that as a teacher...I spend majority of my time telling kids what to do.  Rarely is someone telling me what to do.  I realized that maybe I'm not so good at following directions and it's definitely something I need to work on!  

Since then, my listening skills have improved, but I've still got room to grow. I'm just thankful that I was made aware of one of my many flaws, so that I can take the steps to move forward and fix it.  It's hard to ever fix a problem when you don't even know about it.

I always get so frustrated when my students "don't listen" or "don't follow directions" that are "right on their paper".   And oh...having to repeat myself 15 million times.  That's super annoying.  Especially when one kid asks a question, and I answer.  Then not 2 seconds later a different kid asks the same question!

Saturday, I was in class at local University all day.  I forgot how exhausting it can be to be a student for the day!  Sitting in a chair, listening to instruction and new information all.day.long. can wear you out!  Physically and mentally!  There were often times during a lab, my partner and I would do something wrong, or have to ask a certain question...when oh, if we would have just read the instructions, our question would have been answered, without having to ask the instructor.  How annoying that I did the exact same thing that I get annoyed by my students for doing on a daily basis?

So many times the things that other people do that get on our nerves, are our biggest flaws.  OUCH right?  So...if you find yourself being annoyed or put out by someone else's actions, I challenge you to step back and ask yourself if you are guilty of doing the exact same.  I obviously was.  

I now find myself giving my students a little more grace in the classroom when it comes to "following directions"--because doing that all day long can make obviously make one exhausted and completely worn out!

I still have a lot to learn as a teacher, but I'm thankful I not only get to teach, but that I also get to learn on a daily basis. 
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