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Friday, May 30, 2014

rainy friday randoms

Last full week of school and I'm pretty sure the teachers are over it just as much as the kids!!  It's fun but it can be exhausting!!  

I have been going to bed at the same time as R this week and STILL exhausted when waking up!  :(  Not a fun feeling!  Looking forward to the weekend for sure!
I'm on a scrambled egg kick right now...and LOVE having farm fresh eggs at the house!  I always kick myself for not even trying eggs until college. :(  I know....right?!
This little guy thinks he has to have his picture taken with the toilet paper every time we go to Target now!  Ha!
A teacher had a birthday this week, and she LOVED Dr. Pepper--so someone made her Dr. Pepper cupcakes!  They were delish!!
This is my creamer jam.  I've said before I've tried other things and they just don't do the job!  We'll--look who got a makeover!!
Sometimes, during the last few days of school...you have to use a paper clip as a bobby pin in your big, rainy day, frizzy, side-braid hair!  My kids were making fun of me! :P
...and then you have one of your sweet girls fish tail braid your hair! ;)
Got my new Tervis in the mail yesterday!  I love turqoise so this cup is perfect for me!  Code for FREE SHIPPING is still good for two days!  {MAY14}

Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!  We've got a garage sale for R's school to raise money for a storm shelter and a Tball game!  WAHOO!
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

mother's day weekend

Snuggle Bug is always so sweet to take care of all of us mamas not just on Mother's Day but all year round!  We have Muffins with Moms the Friday before Mother's Day and it's so sweet to see how excited all the kids get about getting to have their moms join them for breakfast!
They sang us the sweetest little song.  They sang it last year too, but since this was R's second year to sing it...he knew the words so much better and really enjoyed singing it for me!  The flower pot has the words of the song on it for us Mamas who don't know them! :P  Only one more year of R singing this song for me at SB! :(

Here is a video if you wanna watch! 

He loves rubbing our faces together...it's like a hug or a kiss for him!
I'll take a kiss before heading off to school too! ;)
Poppy took R out for breakfast before his game the following day, and the flowers were so pretty Poppy stopped to take R's picture by them for me for Mother's Day!

After church on Sunday we headed up to the Little Red to spent some time with the fam!  It's always so beautiful and peaceful up there...Papaw does such a wonderful job at making and then keeping everything look nice--I promise you he works harder out there at almost 78 than I could every day!
Me and R were trying to take a selfie and Poppy snuck in! :P
This little boy gave me the best title I'll ever have and I am so thankful for that!  Thankful for my everyday adventures with him!

Friday, May 23, 2014

grey's season finale recap {season 10}

I did recaps of Grey’s season 6 and 7...so I thought I would do one for season 10!  Even though I’m a week late, I needed some time to ponder some things and rewatch! ;)  {Looking back, I’m kicking myself now for not doing ones for seasons 8 and 9!!!}

I stayed up late(r than normal) so that I could watch the Grey’s finale.  I usually just wait until the weekend after, but I had to see Cristina’s departure!  

I have never fully loved Cristina, just because of who she is.  She got on my nerves, I didn’t agree with a lot of her choices and I didn’t like the way she treated a lot of people.  But over the years I have come to just accept that she is who she is, and that’s what makes her HER!  I believe that Owen Hunt semi-softened her.  I never really thought twice about Hunt, but seeing his love for Cristina this season has made me have a little crush on him!  He is CRAZY about her & I love that!  

I love love LOVE Derek and Meredith together, and always have!  I have been rewatching the seasons from the beginning (they come on Lifetimes, three episodes a day...shesh.  Yeah I’m old school and don’t have Netflix) and knowing what I know now it makes the process of their relationship that much sweeter.  It goes to show that even after the troubled life Meredith has had, that you can still have it all!  

Until now...I kinda figured what was coming with Meredith not wanting to go with Derek to DC when I saw the preview of the season finale the week before.  I also knew that the Grey of GREY’s Anatomy couldn’t be moving across the country if the show was going to continue!  That is a tough call. This is a once in a lifetime career opportunity for Derek, but at the same time--Meredith’s career matters just as much! :(  Annnnd they just had a baby!  & have we seen much of Zola lately?!  What happened to her??

When Jackson tells Webber that there is only going to be one open spot on the board, because Derek and Meredith are going conference call in each meeting.  I immediately thought “Bailey needs to take Cristina’s spot”.  It was just an instinct to me...knowing the people I know at Seattle Grace, Miranda Bailey is someone who needs to be on the board.

And we saw...that was exactly what Webber had in mind!!  But...Cristina had someone else in mind!!  I was surprised she gave everything to Alex.  VERY thoughtful of Cristina...but WHY Alex??

The new head of cardio--I found it noticeable that she was of color.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but it did trigger my thought process a little bit when I first saw her.  Hummmm….

I kinda feel sorry for April and Jackson and the fact that they are expecting...even though I think he is smokin’ hott and she is just the cutest little thing!  I’m not sure how I feel about the little baby they are going to have TOGETHER though!

Also...I can’t stand the crazy media.  On Grey’s or in real life.  I saw some articles this week that had so totally twisted the truth it was INSANE.  But that’s just what the media does (sometimes) I guess.  As annoying as it is, I’m afraid it’s just part of it.

It was good to see Leah step in and help the guy out with the bulging eye balls.  It goes to show that she has the potential to make a wonderful doctor even if she wasn’t so hot at being a surgeon.  

Derek and Cristina’s good bye was really sweet...I can see myself having that type of good bye with several of my best friends’ husbands (in a non creepy kind of way! ;))...so I can totally relate to that type of good bye.

I have never been a fan of Catherine’s.  Especially after the way she has treated and talked to April about being married to her son and what her future entails.  I’m pretty sure that is up to April, NOT Catherine.  April is scared to bring a baby into this crazy world, and I can TOTALLY relate to that feeling!  I’ve often had thoughts about feeling guilty for bringing Ryder into such a crazy world and what him and his generation ares going to have to deal with in their future.  I also find myself asking myself, “Do I really want to bring another child into the world so that they can suffer?  & deal with this crazy messed up world?”  Yes...I could provide for them and try and give them the best life possible, but there are somethings I just can’t and won’t be able to control...and as a parent--THAT.IS.SCARY!!!

I love that Catherine calms Aprils fears and tells her that “good parents are what change the world.”  This isn’t really a side of Catherine we have seen before!  But that is so true!--Because those parents are the ones who are raising the kids of today, and the adults of tomorrow.  Even though the number of good parents may seem to be going down, we can only take control of our part and do our best to raise those “good kids”...because those good kids will hold our future.

Don’t we all wish we had a Cristina or a Meredith in our lives where we could “dance it out” with!?  They have the weirdest but best relationship!   

I wasn’t too sad to see Shane leave.  His character was just kinda blah anyways.

The goodbye between Cristina and Hunt was pretty sad...especially for him.  I’ve grown a love for him I never thought I would.  The goodbye though--I wouldn’t have expected anything more from Cristina.  

And man...what a friend of Cristina to come back and tell Mer the TRUTH about how she really feels about her leaving for Washington.  So many times as friends we want so badly to say one thing, but we are afraid of being honest and making them mad, so we don’t say it at all….when it truly NEEDS to be said.  Just think if Cristina hadn’t have said that to Meredith...she might have made a huge mistake by moving across the country and missing her purpose at Sloan Grey Memorial.  

I can’t quite figure out why Cristina left everything to Alex...including her spot on the board?!  What about Bailey?--Maybe Cristina wants to ensure Alex is still apart of Sloan Grey Memorial Hospital since he has left to work at his own place….?!  Hummm...lots to think about!

(Off subject:  but can we talk about how good Meredith looks lately?  Every since she had a baby she just looks fuller and happier and so much prettier to me!  She looked way too unrealistically skinny in the early seasons.  I’m also loving her blonde hair!)

AAAANNNNNNND--for the most most shocking part of the episode {to me}.  When Webber is sitting outside with Pierce (the new head of cardio).  Again...not to sound any which way, but I knew something was about to go down.  When she started talking about being adopted and that her mom’s name was “all over the hospital” I knew, KNew, KNEW that she was Richard’s daughter with Elise Grey!!!  AHHH!!  What a wonderful twist!!

But then I was curious as to how Elise kept that hidden from Thatcher, Meredith, and Chief Webber for...forever!

How is Webber going to take this?  How is Meredith going to take it when she hears the news?  She already found out she had a half sister from her dad in that hospital.  And now she is about to hear that she has a half sister from her mom in that hospital as well.

Once again...Shonda leaves us speechless and anxiously waiting for the Fall to see how things are going to play out!

Did you have any Grey’s season finale thoughts that I didn’t have?  Please share!


Thursday, May 22, 2014


**UPDATE**  Use the code CHEERS throughout the weekend for FREE SHIPPING!  YAY!  

I just wanted to pop in and share a code with you guys!  I LOVE Tervis tumblers!  I remember I got my first one when I graduated from HS 7 years ago..and I've been in love ever since!  I will not turn down the opportunity to buy a cute and unique one!  I'm a fan of the large 24 oz. ones the most.  They are great for the classroom and if you drink 4 a day, that is close to 100 oz. of water a day which is not too shabby!! My favorite feature about them besides their cuteness is that they don't SWEAT!  Hal-le-lu-jah!!

I love looking online for new designs every once and a while because some times the stores that carry them don't carry them ALL!  My mom is queen of Tervis and has more than any one I know.  My dad gets so mad when she gets a new one because they take up so much room in the kitchen cabinet!  Ha!  
I got to visit a Tervis store in Gulf Shores last summer (I didn't even know these existed) and OH MY WORD...I wanted one of each!  I bought one of the handles that you can get to go around the 24 ozers there and love having them to match my cups...and it helps when I am trying to carry in my purse, school bag and lunch bag all into school in the morning.  

I've since fallen in love just a little bit with the 16 oz. cups, as I have gotten them for gifts, for my coffee in the am when I am on the go.  They are just the right size!

Anyways....FREE SHIPPING is being offered using code MAY14 if you've been thinking about trying them out, or just need a cute new cup for summer!

Here are some of my favorites! ;)  I ended up getting the peacock (even though someone told me that was BAD LUCK) and mom got the planets...because she's a science teacher and all! ;)

Happy Thursday friends!  One day closer to the freakin' weekend!  {and a three day one at that! ;)}


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

it's t ball time!

We are loving having T ball games every Saturday!  For the second weekend in a row, we played a sweet Snuggle Bug friend of R's!  This time it was Essie!  She is a little diva and I love it!  She starts kindergarten in the Fall and we will most definitely miss her fun spirit being at school next year!

Essie's mom took these fabulous pics!  

Look at that mean mug!  He told me he was thinking about "beating the other team"!!

He went out to his Mimi's for the afternoon to enjoy some time with them!  He loves it out there and I am so thankful for them and their influence on my lil man!

This is his dog Hawk--they have a pretty close bond and take care of each other!
I got him back from Mimi's and it was such a pretty night out...we headed to The Village to enjoy dinner on the patio!  We used to only have two restaurants down there, but now we have four!  It's such a neat little place and I need to make a point to get down there more often!

It was our first time at the new Purple Cow and it did NOT disappoint!  We've been back since then!  I am not a fan of the ones out of town, but this service, food and environment was ON POINT.
R even got to run around in the open area while KeeKee and Poppy talked to some friends!  I was letting him blow off some energy hoping he would sleep good that night! :P

ENJOY the day The Lord has made my friends!

"It's not how big you are.  It's how big you play."  


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

pink eye and ants on a log

Yesterday wasn't just any other Monday around here....R had stayed the night with Mimi and while she usually keeps him home with her on Mondays, she took him into school because she had a doctor's appointment.  We had gotten an e mail from school earlier in the morning saying several kids were out with Pink Eye.  Womp Womp.  Sure enough, after Ryder got to school I heard from Mr. Jerry saying he was for sure R had it.  So I hustled around trying to get a sub so I could leave to go get him.

He was happy to see me at school "before nap" and had no idea he even had anything wrong!  Sweet, innocent children I tell ya! ;)  It seemed like an empty house at school with lots of kids out!  It was kinda of sad!

R and I came home to rest up and get some meds in those eyeballs!

He had recently requested I buy some specific things at the store--and luckily I had just gotten all of them the following day!  So it was time for us to make one of Ryder's new favorite creations--"ants on a log"!  I couldn't believe he had ASKED me to buy celery....I don't even eat that stuff!!  But he was gonna "teach" me how to make these things that they had made at school.

I put the PB in the crevasses and R told me I needed to put it on the humps to make it look like a log...he's right, but I was totally thinking logically!   So we did half his way and half my way!
Once you get the PB on all the logs, you have to let a set of little hands count out 5 raisins for each log!

Before you let anyone eat them...make sure and take their pic with the finished product after they ask you to!   ;)
...then, let them ENJOY!  I will say he ate every single one yesterday!  Who knew right?!  I will keep buying celery if he is gonna eat it the way he did yesterday!  I have NO problem with that!
He wasn't all for his eye drops at first, but I told him I'd get him a cupcake from the new cupcake shop if he would let me put the drops in his eyes!  Poor guy...it doesn't "hurt" he says, it just "feels weird" which who can blame him!?
We decided to try out a new part of our walking trail tonight...R loved it!  It was such a pretty night!  There was a playground at the end R wanted to play on, but I wouldn't let him while he was sick...so that means we'll just have to go back soon!

Hope you have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!

"What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be."