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Saturday, May 24, 2014

mother's day weekend

Snuggle Bug is always so sweet to take care of all of us mamas not just on Mother's Day but all year round!  We have Muffins with Moms the Friday before Mother's Day and it's so sweet to see how excited all the kids get about getting to have their moms join them for breakfast!
They sang us the sweetest little song.  They sang it last year too, but since this was R's second year to sing it...he knew the words so much better and really enjoyed singing it for me!  The flower pot has the words of the song on it for us Mamas who don't know them! :P  Only one more year of R singing this song for me at SB! :(

Here is a video if you wanna watch! 

He loves rubbing our faces together...it's like a hug or a kiss for him!
I'll take a kiss before heading off to school too! ;)
Poppy took R out for breakfast before his game the following day, and the flowers were so pretty Poppy stopped to take R's picture by them for me for Mother's Day!

After church on Sunday we headed up to the Little Red to spent some time with the fam!  It's always so beautiful and peaceful up there...Papaw does such a wonderful job at making and then keeping everything look nice--I promise you he works harder out there at almost 78 than I could every day!
Me and R were trying to take a selfie and Poppy snuck in! :P
This little boy gave me the best title I'll ever have and I am so thankful for that!  Thankful for my everyday adventures with him!

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