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Monday, May 5, 2014

saturday lunch date

A few weekends ago, I knew it was going to be our last Saturday with "nothing" on our agenda.  R's T Ball games started up the following Saturday and would be every Saturday for the next seven weeks.

We call Saturdays, "Mommy/Ryder Day" and that's usually just what they are!  It's an easy way for R to know it's the one day a week we don't have to go to school or work at a certain time in the am!  He loves sleeping in just as much as me and I am so thankful!  =)
After getting up and getting ready we headed out for lunch at Pitza 4 2.  If you haven't heard of Pitza 4 2, it was started by two Ouachita grads from around here.  It has the same idea as TOMS, meal for meal.  So every meal that you purchase there to eat, you are also feeding a hungry child.  
You might think this means it is expensive to eat there, but their meals are no more than any where else in town.  What started as pita pizzas (hence the name) has also turned into wraps, sandwiches, salads and soups.  I am currently in love with the wraps, where the "tortillas" are seasoned pita bread!  OMG--love them! 

We enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio together and R love his pepperoni pitza!!

If you are ever in town and have the chance to stop by...you really should!  "Eat Good, Do Good!"


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  1. Eat Good, Do Good...I love it!
    Looks like R had a great day :)


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