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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

first t ball game!

I still don't know how I am already here as a mom.  Doesn't ever boy mom dream of the days their son will play t ball?  Well, my time is here, and I'm afraid it doesn't stop from here and I couldn't be happier!  =)

R's team had only had one ball practice, but they didn't do bad at all!  It is all comical, but nothing but fun! 
R did good running the bases, besides the fact that he went after the ball a few times WHILE RUNNING THE BASES!!!  Our new rule is that you don't go after the ball unless you have a glove in your hand!!  Oh my word!
I was busy being "Dugout Mom" so I didn't get too many pics...but he is shaking friends with his friend Karsyn from MDO.  We see her and her mom randomly around town here and there and they just love seeing each other!  It was fun for them to play each other.

R had a few good catches on the pitchers mound, and successful throws to first...so we were very proud of him for that, especially it being his first game.

So proud of my lil guy!

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