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Thursday, May 22, 2014


**UPDATE**  Use the code CHEERS throughout the weekend for FREE SHIPPING!  YAY!  

I just wanted to pop in and share a code with you guys!  I LOVE Tervis tumblers!  I remember I got my first one when I graduated from HS 7 years ago..and I've been in love ever since!  I will not turn down the opportunity to buy a cute and unique one!  I'm a fan of the large 24 oz. ones the most.  They are great for the classroom and if you drink 4 a day, that is close to 100 oz. of water a day which is not too shabby!! My favorite feature about them besides their cuteness is that they don't SWEAT!  Hal-le-lu-jah!!

I love looking online for new designs every once and a while because some times the stores that carry them don't carry them ALL!  My mom is queen of Tervis and has more than any one I know.  My dad gets so mad when she gets a new one because they take up so much room in the kitchen cabinet!  Ha!  
I got to visit a Tervis store in Gulf Shores last summer (I didn't even know these existed) and OH MY WORD...I wanted one of each!  I bought one of the handles that you can get to go around the 24 ozers there and love having them to match my cups...and it helps when I am trying to carry in my purse, school bag and lunch bag all into school in the morning.  

I've since fallen in love just a little bit with the 16 oz. cups, as I have gotten them for gifts, for my coffee in the am when I am on the go.  They are just the right size!

Anyways....FREE SHIPPING is being offered using code MAY14 if you've been thinking about trying them out, or just need a cute new cup for summer!

Here are some of my favorites! ;)  I ended up getting the peacock (even though someone told me that was BAD LUCK) and mom got the planets...because she's a science teacher and all! ;)

Happy Thursday friends!  One day closer to the freakin' weekend!  {and a three day one at that! ;)}


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