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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

pink eye and ants on a log

Yesterday wasn't just any other Monday around here....R had stayed the night with Mimi and while she usually keeps him home with her on Mondays, she took him into school because she had a doctor's appointment.  We had gotten an e mail from school earlier in the morning saying several kids were out with Pink Eye.  Womp Womp.  Sure enough, after Ryder got to school I heard from Mr. Jerry saying he was for sure R had it.  So I hustled around trying to get a sub so I could leave to go get him.

He was happy to see me at school "before nap" and had no idea he even had anything wrong!  Sweet, innocent children I tell ya! ;)  It seemed like an empty house at school with lots of kids out!  It was kinda of sad!

R and I came home to rest up and get some meds in those eyeballs!

He had recently requested I buy some specific things at the store--and luckily I had just gotten all of them the following day!  So it was time for us to make one of Ryder's new favorite creations--"ants on a log"!  I couldn't believe he had ASKED me to buy celery....I don't even eat that stuff!!  But he was gonna "teach" me how to make these things that they had made at school.

I put the PB in the crevasses and R told me I needed to put it on the humps to make it look like a log...he's right, but I was totally thinking logically!   So we did half his way and half my way!
Once you get the PB on all the logs, you have to let a set of little hands count out 5 raisins for each log!

Before you let anyone eat them...make sure and take their pic with the finished product after they ask you to!   ;)
...then, let them ENJOY!  I will say he ate every single one yesterday!  Who knew right?!  I will keep buying celery if he is gonna eat it the way he did yesterday!  I have NO problem with that!
He wasn't all for his eye drops at first, but I told him I'd get him a cupcake from the new cupcake shop if he would let me put the drops in his eyes!  Poor guy...it doesn't "hurt" he says, it just "feels weird" which who can blame him!?
We decided to try out a new part of our walking trail tonight...R loved it!  It was such a pretty night!  There was a playground at the end R wanted to play on, but I wouldn't let him while he was sick...so that means we'll just have to go back soon!

Hope you have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!

"What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it's supposed to be."


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  1. Yucky, pink eye is the worst. Hope it clears up soon. Sounds like he had a good day even with the pink eye!


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