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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

mr al and the dentist

Last week R's school had a field trip to see Mr. Al.  We saw him last year, but he was back again this year for some more fun!  I took the day off to enjoy with little guy!
We had to park pretty far away and walk...but we still made it with plenty of time to spare!  Can you tell someone was EXCITED!?
Some of the other Snuggle Bugs!

R said he wanted to sit by Eli and he got to!  
These sweet girls were on the other side of me!  Abigail and Camryn!

Mr. Al knows how to have fun and these guys were up dancin' and havin' a good time!  They knew most of the songs because they sing them all at school!
Even though he was happy to be there, this is how he felt about taking a selfie with me! ;P

Afterwards we went to KeeKee's school and had lunch with her and her friends in the teacher's lounge.  R just indulged in some brownies...before his dentist appointment! ;)
We are so thankful for Ms. Kim!  This was his third time to see her...so neat because she's the only one who has ever cleaned my teeth!  

We had a good day together getting things done and spending time together!  Days like this are important, even as a working mom! 


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  1. What a fun day! I'm so glad you could be there to enjoy it!


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