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Friday, September 2, 2011

MDO Open House!

Tuesday of this week, Ryder had MDO Open House.  I am so thankful that KeeKee offered to take him because it was during my first "real" day of class & I didn't want/need to miss it, even though I was going to to take my lil Punkin!  I was a bit worried about it all going smoothly, but had no reason to at all!

 He loves wearing his KeeKee's glasses & thinks he so "fun-nee!"

 Look at my big boy!  I can't believe it!  I am so proud of him though & know that he will excel & grow so much in this program!  You can only learn so much while being at home with Mama!  =)
 Taken it all in!  Mom said that he walked straight in & hugged his teacher & sat down at the table like a big boy.  Then he spotted some other kids playing with toys & got up & ran over there!  When it was time to go...he cried!  Which I will take as a good thing!  =)

I cannot wait to hear about his days while being at school!  He started next Tuesday & will go Tuesday/Thursdays from 830-230, which is a LONG time for this Mama to be away from her sweet boy!  :(

PS.  any suggestions as to what to pack in his lunch for MDO.  I would send an uncrustable but no peanut butter products.  I just want something easy & not too messy.


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