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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ryder is BLESSED!

Last birthday post...all Ryder's wonderful presents that we are already enjoying SO much!  I try not to buy Ryder too many toys throughout the year because he gets more than enough for his birthday & Christmas each year!  All I can say is we are so blessed & so thankful for all the wonderful people that love my little boy so much!  
Naynee got him a little box full of craft stuff!  Perfect to keep up with all of his stuff in one spot!  There was also some cool play dough that doesn't dry out that I had never heard of before!  But we love it!
 Also...a cute little baseball picky bank that I think I'm going to use as inspiration for his new big boy room (that I kinda already had in my head!)  =)
 What FUN--a jack-n-the-box!
 Mary Beth got him a Thomas pillow pet & to say Ryder likes it is an under statement!  This was a perfect gift for my lil man!
 & of course an Atlanta Braves T-shirt from Tonya!  =)
 Ms. Allison got Ryder some new Sperry's...because he definitely needed them & she wanted to get us something he needed!  What a blessing!  Thank you so much Allison! When Ryder opened them he said "SPEERRRRRRY'S!"
 & his daddy got him a lil four wheeler!  He wasn't too sure what to think about it at first...

 Cousin Hannah tried to help him out a little bit...
He finally got a hang of the gas pedal & was ON THE LOOSE!  We couldn't get him off that thing!  We are going to have to work on his stirring a little bit though!

Again...thank you to all our wonderful friends & family for such wonderful & fun things for my lil man! We are so grateful!


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