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Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet letter from Birmingham...

So...once again, last week I get a card sized envelope from an out of state friend--Allie!  My college roommate!  It was unexpected, but with Ryder's birthday having just taken place, I figured it was something for him!...La-di-dah...just opening it up as I walk across the street to my parents, no big deal.


There is this super cute lil card like thing with some paper dolls on top!  I just SQUEALLLED!  It was so unexpected & just so darn cute!  I couldn't believe the time & energy she put into making these for all of us!  & even our hair matched!  =)

There's me!  She had written a super sweet note inside mentioned ALL the things we've done together ( there are ALOT) & how thankful she was that we were placed on the same hall Freshmen year & both pledge EEE!  Also...the fact that we only lived in the same town for a year & a half & that's all it took for our friendship to flourish!  It was such a super sweet hand written note--& everything she said to me, I would say to her in return!  Eventually...asking me to be her MOH for her SPECIAL day!

I am so honored & so excited to be a part of this exciting day to celebrate the love that Allie & Josh share!  I immediately called her but she didn't answer so I left a high school girly squeal voice mail saying YES!  Haha!  I can't wait for next August!  I look forward to all the fun things between now & then as well, but Fay-town better watch out in August!  =)


Thank you so much for letting me be apart of such a wonderful & special day!  You are a life long friend to me & I am HONORED to stand by your side!  We've already made so many memories together & I can't wait to see what memories the future holds for us!  I love you & thanks for being such a GREAT person & friend through all my ups & downs of life!

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  1. They are the most cutest paper dolls ever! Must have taken her ages!
    She seems like a wonderful friend!


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