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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st day of MDO!

Yesterday was my sweet boys first day of MDO!  He has never been old enough to go before, because his birthday is so late but I think it worked out being the perfect time for my lil man to start "school"!  We have been talking about school the last couple of weeks, & I think the "school" episode of Yo Gabba Gabba really helped to get him ready!  
The night before I got his little backpack ready, packed his lunch & knew we were ready to go the next morning!
I still can't believe this is my BABY with a backpack on & carrying a LUNCH BOX!  It feels like just YESTERDAY we were bringing him home from the hospital!
I sure do love that sweet smile!  =)
He was so happy & ready to go for the day, so I knew it was going to go well.  I think I was more worried about myself than I was about him!  Ha!
We even got Mary Beth to take some of the both of us outside!
He just wrapped his arms around me & started squeezing me when she was taking our picture...it made this Mama's heart FULL!  =)
Ready to go to SCHOOOOL!
He was too anxious to get into the building to take a picture outside...so this was as good as it got!  He walked straight in the door, dropped his backpack & lunch box on the floor & walked in & started to play!  Didn't even look at me, kiss me, or say good-bye!  But I guess that was okay, because I didn't have to worry about him after leaving!

I went to class & then I ran a few errands around town getting last minute stuff for his birthday party!

I took these cups (which I copied off of Pinterest) to his three teachers...little do they know what the year holds for them with my wild child!

He was happy to see me when I went to pick him up & his teachers said he was great all day, except for during nap time.  I asked a MILLION questions to him in the car & he just kept saying, "yesss" "yesss!"  So I wasn't really sure what he did during the day!
It wasn't until a few hours later that I opened his backpack & folder to find THIS!  I ABOUT DIIIIED!  I didn't know whether to be upset or just laugh.  I am a little bit upset, but it WAS his first day & the first time he has been around other kids for that long & we have seriously been working on sharing, so I guess it will just take time.  & the poor kid loves to hug on people & I'm sure that's what the "keeping hands to self" part means.  I know he doesn't mean anything by it, he is just trying to be sweet.  & I'm not surprised about nap time either, because he doesn't even take naps at home in his own bed, much less in a new place on a mat on the floor!  ha!

So...we have a lot to work on over the year, but I have been trying to talk to him about it every once & a while so he understands.  I told him I want him to have smiley faces, not sad faces!

All in all, he had a great first day, & Mama wasn't too upset!  I know how much he is going to learn, grow & excel & can't wait to watch & enjoy the ride with him!



  1. How exciting for you and Ryder! If it makes you feel any better my first day of school wasn't the best either. Apparently I stomped around and wouldn't sit with the rest of the group! Ha! Your cups are precious also! Such a neat idea!

  2. Okay!! First of all I miss you so much!!

    1. Ryder's sperrys are sooo precious!! Agh
    2. Boston red sox? Seriously I will be sending a cardinals lunch box in the mail! Haha
    3. You are a hott mom! You look so happy, so skinny, and just radiate beauty!

    I love you so much!


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