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Monday, September 12, 2011

birthday boy, cake & friends

We had a great turn out at Ryder's party, & I am kicking myself now for not getting more pictures of everybody.  I didn't get any of him with his grandparents etc. etc....I am going to have to hire a photographer from now on to make sure I get everybody!

I even painted a big frame to take pictures of people behind it as the "guest book" but yeah, that didn't really happen either...even though I got a few!

{Auntie Allison & Mama!}

{my wild child in the bounce house!}
{Uncle G & Ton...we're all grown up!  TEAR!}

{birthday boy & Mama!}

{we sure do love our Pop Pops!}
{with his buddy JT}

{I made them pose--turned out cute though!}
Cake time!  He did great!  He was kinda confused when everybody was singing to him, but then he blew out his candle & dug right in!  =)

After opening presents...we are truly blessed for sure!
Daddy got him a fourwheeler for his house & he wasn't to sure about it at first, but the big kids showed him how to do it & then we couldn't get him off of it!  We would turn it on slow & he learned how to do it from watching us & would switch it back to fast!
{I love my lil two year old Punkin!}

{We're so glad cousin Tonya flew down for the day for his party!  =)}
{Kelly & Whitney-Mommy's high school friends!}

{yeah...my eyes are closed but it's the only one of all of us I had!}
{Ryder kissin' Ainsley}
{After he kissed & hugged her he jumped up & down in excitement...& everybody was watching.  It was PRETTY funn!}

{PawPaw with Granny Jean}

I seriously failed at taking pictures of friends & family at his party, but live & learn I guess!  I will just try & do better next time, but we are so thankful for everyone that got to come!  =)


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