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Saturday, September 17, 2011

2 year old appointment

On Friday, we had Ryder's 2 year old appointment.  It's hard to believe once again that he's two years old!  

From what the Dr. saw Ryder looks like a healthy little two year old boy!  He is in the 90th %tile for height & 40th %tile for weight.  She didn't seem to be too worried about his weight being sorda low because he is so active!  She didn't even have to ask if his vocabulary included 50 words because so talkative when she walked in the room!  He seriously wouldn't be quiet!  She then said he has the vocabulary of a 3 year old!  

I was so happy to hear I had a healthy lil boy!  He got the flu mist, tested for anemia & his last round of a certain shot.  He didn't cry the whole time they were squeezing blood out of his finger, but he cried when they put the band aid on!  Ha!  & he cried for half a second when he got his shot, but I told him we were going to Chick-i-tah & he was fine!  =)
I make it a point every day to say thank you for my son's health.  There are so many little kids out there dealing with things that adults, much less kids shouldn't ever have to deal with.  We have been so blessed by Ryder's help & I don't want to take it for granted for even half a second.


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