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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Cart Deli!

We have this hot dog cart in town called the Green Cart Deli--it is ran by solar power & has been quickly growing in popularity!  It is out at the Village on Tuesday & Thursday nights & I finally got to go! 
 Ryder placing his order!
 & I haven't mentioned the new addition to mom & dad's house yet...but his is a little preview of precious lil golden-doodle Brett!

 I didn't get any specialty hot dog on the menu because everything had like one or two things I didn't like...so I made my own! This may look gross, but think about it as a hamburger!  You would put all this on their...so why not a hot dog?!  It was YUMMY!  The hot dog man gave me a hard time about not picking something off his menu!  :P
Mom's "New Yorker"...

If you get the chance to go eat at the GCD I would HIGHLY recommend it!  You can follow them on twitter as well to see where they are going to be during lunch & dinner at @eatgcd

ENJOY!  =)


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