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Friday, September 2, 2011

GO bears!

Last night was the season opener for UCA!  The bank was cooking & tailgating so we made our way up there an hour or so before the game!  This was the only purple shirt I had for Ryder...ha, but it worked! =)  He had a blast & is in LOVE with the band!  He loves being around people & just getting to run wild...he barely took a break to eat or even take a drink!

 He loves his KeeKee so much!  =) Look at that biggo cheesin' grin!
 He couldn't wait to get up there & see his Pop Pops!  He spotted him in the crowd & just ran up to him & waved & said "Hey baby!"  b/c that's what dad always said to him!

 & look who else we ran into!  He saw her & said "KEL-LEE!"  He made friends with all sorts of new people & I swear that child never meets a stranger!
 This is a little girl named Ali whose dad works with my dad.  I thought she looked adorable in her purple dress & bow!  =)  Ryder did too...

 Me & my crazy ole wild child!  Oh yeah...we ran into Mr. Grant too!  Ryder said.."GRAAANNNNT!" I'm sure he thought we were about to go get sno cones!  Mr. Grant also unbuttoned his shirt to "show off some chest hair!"  ha!
We had a fun time & can't wait for the next one!


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