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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my lil PUNKIN'!

We had a GOOD day today! & this little one just keeps me laughing, and ON MY TOES! & I'm afraid it's only gonna get worse! ECCCKK! :O

We went & had lunch with a friend who is expecting a little girl, Sterling, in July. We had a good visit about all things pregnancy & baby! =) As well as some good food!--FUJI...can't go wrong there! Ryder was a bit fussy during lunch, and when I held him he just grabbed EVERYTHING on the table! Then I'd put him back in his seat to eat a few bits and he would fuss...this sweet lady that was sitting at our habachi table with us offered to hold him so I could eat! Ryder loved her! That had fun!

I had a test tonight in my night class & hadn't got much studying in, so I was thankful that Ryder came home & laid down so I could study! I think I did pretty good on it too...lets just HOPE!

Alot of Ryder's long sleeve outfits are starting to be too small...& I don't see a need in buying NEW ones when it's really about to be spring! I keep pants on him still...but we're having to move up a size in shirts. This shirt is 9 months...Polo runs small though I think compared to the tag. He looks even chunkier today!

This is his new thing when he is happy/impressed with himself/acting bashful..he scrunches up his face & tilts his chin down, all while bringing his hands together! I just happened to catch it this morning!
So I leave the room to make him a bottle & next thing I know I hear paper crunching. I had left him 2-3 feet away from my text book on his STOMACH when I left...and this is what I walked in to find!
Something about the noise intrigues him!

I'll know next time to take the book with me!
I was putting diapers in the baskets underneath his changing table and he kept looking @ me and grinning through the crib! SO PRECIOUS!
I just LOVE that little boy!

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