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Thursday, February 25, 2010

90th Post!


The books forget to tell you what pregnancy REALLY does to your body. Things you don't find out till your baby is 5 months old.

I had to wear heels today for the first time since last fall/winter...and does one pair fit? No...they are all TOO TOO small. I had big feet anyways...but MAN OH MAN! I'd like to think I get new shoes every year, but then again, I will still wear shoes from the previous years that are still in good shape. Especially the ones that don't go out to style. So...it has taken me SO long to accumulate my shoe collection over the years. Finding JUST the right pair in JUST the right color for JUST the right price...right?

So..here I am. Having to start over. From SCRATCH. Luckily flip flops are cheap. But heels, NOT so much.

My feet were already big (9.5) and I had to buy a pair of 10s the other day. I thought it was just the brand. Obviously not.

My mom said her feet grew a half a size with EACH pregnancy! That would just mean my shoe collection would have to RESTART! HA!

Pregnancy was fun at times...and I look back & think I took it for granted, because there are so many woman out there that would give their own life to be pregnant & just get to experience that feeling, but I did not LOOOOOVE it like some woman do. Yes...I loved feeling Ryder kick and roll around and punch me, and throw his lil fits....& hear his heart beat, & know that I was supporting him, and that HE GREW inside of ME...I provided him with EVERYTHING that he needed to develop into the perfect little baby he is today. I would not take it back for anything, but it just changes your body in MORE ways than you know!

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  1. I guess I should be glad I just wear a size 9, huh? It is a lot of work and changes, but, oh, sooooooo worth it. Just wait till he is talking and you see pieces of his heart. Shoes?No big deal!
    I love you. You are a wonderful mom and you get more beautiful every day! Big feet and all!

    Love, Naynee


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