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Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Weekend...

We just LOVE Photo Booth!

We had a pretty chill weekend. Saturday was a pretty long day. Punkin' is just so fussy and has a temper now that his teeth are trying to come in! I got away Saturday night while mom watched him and enjoyed a nice dinner w/ Mama D, Coach Mac & McKenzie and even did a lil shopping afterwards!

Sunday was a pretty chill day...church then some homemade lasagna, salad, bread & sweet tea! We all exchanged Valentine's presents, and I have to order mine online! I'm gonna get a mom necklace off of Etsy...just need to find the one I want! Mom has one of me, Garrett & Ryder and it is just TOO cute! I got some beautiful white & red roses from Jake & Ryder which I really thought was sweet! Mom & I did a little shopping and then back home for home group. I have 3 tests this week...and they are all my firsts in each class, & those are ALWAYS the worst! It's hard for me to find time to study....but I'm gonna have to this week! I guess I just won't be getting as much sleep as usual! Ha! Here some fun pics of me and Punkin' earlier today! I love this little outfit, and he's only worn it once before, and it's about to small! He screams when I try to squeeze him in it! Ha!

My fav...I wish it was normal though!

MOUTH KISS! He LOVES his momma!

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  1. Since I'm a new follower I'm kinda late on my comment... BUT he looks like he should be one of those babies on the commericals that talks about stocks or something? VERY cute!


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